Calculating The Discount Being Offered By Retailers in 2024

Many stores and online retailers offer discounts and for the consumer, this is great news. Finally, something that may have seemed a bit expensive can be purchased, whether the item or product is new clothes, an automobile, a cell phone, or a software package the discount offered has placed this within financial reach.

The reason retailers offer discounts is varied. Supply and demand, changing shifts in customer preference, making space for new stock or food items potentially going out of date are all reasons for offering discounts, and being able to calculate price after discount is as important as understanding why the discount is being offered. Use something as GigaCalucator perhaps!

The Importance Of Calculating The Discounts


Stores and online retailers often find that a discount offered can and will increase sales, after all, who doesn’t like a bargain. Understanding the reason for the price reduction is important. Discounts are offered to encourage sales and often to remove a product from stock, making space for a new line of merchandise.

Often companies will discount their goods or products but with the deal of you purchasing another product at the full price. This can make the purchase seem to be a bargain but, sometimes not as you can end up buying something you didn’t need just to get the discounted item you did.

The two main ways companies offer discounts are either with a cash discount or a percentage discount. You should have in mind a budget and goal and not be tempted to spend more than you originally intended to spend.

The Methods Of Calculating Discounts

  • How to convert to decimal is a straightforward process, simply move the discount offer value two places to the left, an example of this is if Amazon is giving 30% discount offers on books or electronics the decimal value is now 0.30. Take the original price, let say $150 and multiply it by point 0.3 will show you have a discount of $45 making the product $105.
  • Rounding the original price to a figure to the nearest 10 is a quick and easy way to estimate your discount, if your original price was $96 you can call it around $100. By moving the decimal you find that it is a 10% discount being offered.

An example of this method is if Amazon is selling a new product at $90 and is offering a discount of 15% then you simply move the decimal and your 15% is now 0.15 again times this by the original price of $90 and you now know you have a 13.5% discount, meaning you pay just $77.85.

Why Do Stores And Retailers Discount?


As discussed previously there are many reasons for being offered a discount, here is a bit more information on the main reasons:

  • As with any business, there are trends that the consumer follows, sometimes an item may be the hottest selling in the inventory you have. But, consumers are always looking for the newest and more improved items. This can lead to stock you have purchased becoming a bit obsolete. By offering a discount and moving these older items to a prominent part of the store or website with a discount you can hopefully sell the items at a profit or break even.
  • Increasing Sales is every retailer’s goal. By offering discounts it is easy to attract sales with aim of enticing further purchases either now or help to encourage a repeat customer.
  • When working in or operating a large business sales targets are important and must be met, whether it is weekly, quarterly, or annually. By offering discounted products you can help to achieve the target figures you have forecast.
  • A repeat customer base is what all business aims for, it is hard to see a business without repeat customers surviving. An example of this is a car dealership that sells you a car and you are satisfied with the customer service, price, and automobile, the salesman or women can entice you back by offering a discount the next time you wish to upgrade or have the car serviced annually.


The reasons for stores or online sites giving discounts really is not so important, the main beneficiary is you the consumer. With the discount, many people can now afford something that their budget simply didn’t allow for before. It is very important to understand the way in which you need to calculate if you are truly getting a bargain and not being duped by the pricing labels that are being shown to you.

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