• The US Finally Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

    A group of federal researchers commissioned by the government to prove that cannabis has “no accepted medical use” may have unwittingly let information slip through the cracks, revealing how cannabis actually kills cancer cells. The research, which was conducted by a team of scientists at St. George’s University of London, found that the two most common cannabinoids in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol…

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  • More Than 22,000 Brave Nurses Refusing to Submit to Mandatory Vaccinations

    Nurses are required to wear face masks for refusing the flu vaccine. Despite a CDC study that found mandatory vaccines for nurses offer no protection for patients, hospitals are pushing hard for forced vaccinations. Many nurses are choosing to lose their jobs rather than submit to forced mandatory flu vaccinations, and one has even sued the hospital, state, and federal…

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  • Deep Guided Chakra Meditation for Sleep and Good Dreams

    This deep guided chakra meditation includes the clearing of your lower chakras located between the soles of your feet and your hips and pelvis before ascending the traditional channel through the spectrum of light energy to the crown chakra and the realisation of white light. You are then gently guided through the practise of clear light while fully relaxing to…

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  • Increase Your Energy by Avoiding Table Salt

    What is table salt? The specific name for table salt is sodium chloride, which is one of the most common ingredients in food. This synthetic salt is found in nearly all processed food. Sodium chloride isn’t the same as the natural salt found in nature. Unlike natural salt, sodium chloride is processed and therefore it lacks many essential minerals found…

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  • Pineal Gland Calcification Linked to Alzheimer’s and Low Energy

    The pineal gland is a small pine cone-shaped gland located in the middle of the brain. Although it is small, it plays a big role in your health and energy. When your pineal gland is working properly, you generally feel more alive and energized. This is due to the fact that your pineal gland produces melatonin, a natural chemical that…

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