3 Celebrities that Use Coloured Contact Lenses to Beautify Their Eyes in 2024

When fans are bedazzled by the beautiful eyes of their adored celebrities, little is known that some of them are actually using coloured contacts. In the past, lenses with colors used to be artificial looking but with improvements in technology, the newer designs had been so natural looking to the extent of fans not being able to tell whether the movie and music stars they love are actually wearing anything.

Here are some of the stars that use colored lenses.

1. Orlando Bloom


In Lord of The Rings movie, Orlando Bloom appeared to have brighter than normal eyes. This was because he was was wearing coloured contacts for that movie. According to magazine reports, he did not like the contacts he wore as it stung his eyes. The reasons are unclear but what is known is that when contacts are properly cared for, they should not cause any discomfort to the eyes. Contact lenses should always be properly cared for as emphasized by CosplayLens.com

When the filmmaker were filming the movie, they decided that CGI effect would not be the best way to enhance the look or Orlando’s eyes. As such, he was instructed to wear those lenses. Besides, this would have saved the trouble of the FX team who already had their hands tied on handling the animation and other special effect aspects of the movie.

2. Kanye West


At Met Gala 2016, this music star was spotted with ice blue eyes. Kanye who is the husband of the beautiful Kardashian, was actually wearing blue contact lenses. That was not his real eye colour. His real eye colour is much darker which is why fans were surprised when they saw him with such bright and unusual looking eye tone.

Many magazines featured photos of him and they went viral over the internet. Many fans were commenting about it. Some went to the extent of buying similar looking contacts for themselves. Blue contacts became more popular during that period which is not surprising as he is a trend-setter as can be seen from the time he released his shoes which became a hit among sneaker fans who loves his shoes.

3. Jennifer Aniston


This actress is very popular but is less known to millennials as she had stopped acting for some years. During her prime time including her acting time on Friends, she wore natural-looking contact lenses to help make her eyes look bluish. Again, this was not very well-known by her fans. It was only when it was mentioned in some articles that fans started taking notice and commented this on the forums.

This actress has beautiful eyes and does not need to wear anything. However, there is always a need to have eyes that stand out more especially when they are on set, so it is no wonder that she chosen to wear them. For her fans, some followed her footsteps by wearing them to social events and parties. Besides taking Instagram photos and sharing them over Facebook, they also showed them to their friends via Snapchat and Tik Tok.

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