Chris Rock Net Worth 2024


Former Saturday Night Live star Chris Rock has become a movie star and performed his hilarious stand up shows in sold out arenas around the world. With show tickets going upwards of $500 per seat Chris Rock is on top of the world. He has a net worth of $150 million just a few million more than his Grown Ups 2 co-star Adam Sandler who also is an SNL alum.

Chris Rock’s upbringings in Brooklyn New York are by far more humbling than his lavish lifestyle he and his wife live. He was born Christopher Julius Rock III named after his father and grandfather in Bedford Stuyvesant an urban and overpopulated neighborhood in NY. In the 1980’s the neighborhood was home to high crime rate and a population with a majority living below the poverty line. He used his childhood as the center for a lot of his comedic routines and learned to transform that childhood aggression and experience into entertainment for millions and even a television series entitled Everybody Hates Chris. Chris Rock produced and co-wrote the 4 season series based off his childhood.


He married his wife Malaak Compton in 1996 and the couple had 2 children. She also faced a series of financial struggles growing up in DC. The two have used their power and financial success to develop several programs that allow urban city youth to travel outside of the United States for a cultural experience.

Chris Rock was discovered by another funny man Eddie Murphy who cast him in Beverly Hills Cop II his first movie role. He was paid only $600. But today he commands a salary of $11 million which was first given to him playing in Lethal Weapon 4 in 2004. That same year he was chosen in Comedy Central’s list of Greatest Comedians of All Time at number 5. His foul jokes about racism and stereotypes are delivered with anger and sarcasm. This rebellious stage routine has garnered him millions of fans around the world. Today comedians like Kevin Hart cite him as a reference and point of inspiration for their careers.

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