6 Things Never To Ask From a Commercial Cleaning Company

You need to provide your employees with a fresh and clean workspace to keep their productivity at the expected level. If they are in a space that is not clean enough, it will lead to various diseases and allergic reactions that will cause absence from work. It’s something you probably know without us telling you.

It is for this reason that commercial cleaning service has become standard. There is no need to hire people to do this for you and buy all the expensive equipment and chemicals when you can outsource that job. A company specializing in this will do the job much better and will even be cheaper than paying employees and buying everything you need.

A commercial cleaning company can do a variety of tasks for you, keeping the space in perfect condition. You can visit , a professional cleaning company that will surely provide you with more than satisfactory commercial cleaning services. However, there are jobs that are not part of their job. Read which things are never to ask from a commercial cleaning company to know in advance what you can expect from them.

1.Recommendation for another company


There are people who are trying to get recommendations for another, competing company. It’s something you shouldn’t do at all.

Only if they do not provide a service, then you can ask them if they cooperate with someone else or if they outsource that task. But asking them which companies exist in the area, what services they offer, prices and the like is very unprofessional, and can even be considered rude. If you are interested, research online but don’t ask them.

2. To move heavy object around

Of course they will move the furniture and other things to clean everything the right way, you can count on that. But don’t expect them to do heavy lifting, because that is not in their job description. The maximum they will lift is about 20 kilograms.

There is no set rule that applies to everyone, but it is an average. If you want them to clean up behind something that is very difficult, you have to organize the moving of that piece of furniture or appliance.

They are not a moving service, so don’t expect that to do that. A large number of their employees are women, so they certainly cannot move heavy objects and even if very strong man is working for them, he is not paid for heavy lifting.

3. To take care of outdoor environment


If you are a large company that owns or rents an entire building, not just offices, then it is very likely that you also have a garden in front. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mini garden or a real, large garden, don’t expect them to take care of it.

Their staff is not trained to work outside and they do not know how to properly care for plants. They also do not have the equipment or adequate protective clothing, which would then lead to injuries, potential sun stroke and the like.

You need to find a separate company that will maintain your outdoor space, which includes cleaning the leaves with a patio and more. Commercial cleaning will do everything related to indoor, but don’t expect them to accept doing anything outdoor except maybe a garage, which can also be considered indoor.

4. They do not usually clean biological waste

Biological waste is a broad term, and it generally includes anything that is in any way contaminated with human or animal traces. So if you do anything like lab services and the like, where there are a lot of syringes, gloves, needles and everything else, you need to find a special cleaning service, which specializes in that kind of service and have properly trained staff.

Everyone else will refuse to do so because it is potentially dangerous. One can come in contact with various diseases if someone accidentally stabs on a syringe, etc. Also, they will not clean the feces of your pets. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to bring their pets to the office, but they will also have to clean after them. You have to be responsible and tell that to all employees, to take care of their pets while the staff is working.

There are various pets like aggressive dogs, snakes and many other animals that can harm cleaning staff which can cause a major problem to you. If you know that animals reside in your offices, it is important that you seek to use eco-friendly products such as those used by Clean Boss, a commercial cleaning company from Hamilton. This is important so that pets are not poisoned by chemicals.

5. Work at heights


Most companies in this niche avoid letting their employees to work at height, because then injuries often happen, which can be even fatal or lead to permanent disabilities. And insurances are very reluctant to pay compensation for injuries incurred in this way, unless the most expensive insurance plan is chosen. That is why the managers of these companies keep their employees on the ground constantly.

This includes working on low ladders and not to mention high ladders or some other type of high platform. Also, don’t expect them to have a window cleaning service on the outside of the building. This requires special training, a license and equipment. They use extending poles to do everything necessary to keep your windows in perfect condition. You can expect them to do anything up to a maximum of 3 meters in height.

6. Rodent control and disinsection

While it seems to you that this may be part of cleaning services, this is almost never the case. Bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, and all other insects and pests that need to be destroyed are not a service they will provide you.

There are companies that specialize in this, so they have the right chemicals and knowledge of how best to eradicate each type of pest. You can ask for a recommendation for a pest control company, because they are not their competition, so it is possible that they cooperate with someone.


Lastly, don’t expect them to accept to clean your house as part of the arrangement you have with them to clean your offices. Commercial cleaning companies specialize in working in a large space and have a lot of staff for that reason, so it would not be profitable for either you or them to work in small spaces like a house.

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