Andrew Loffa aka DJ Drewski Net Worth 2024

  • Birth name: Andrew Loffa
  • Birthday: August 22, 1987
  • Occupation: Radio DJ Hot 97

For seven seasons of the highly rated Love and Hip Hop we have seen the makings and destruction of careers. But this season has it’s share of already well off cast members. DJ Drewski born Andrew Loffa is the newest addition to the series. But the HOT 97 jockey already has a name for his self in the streets of New York. But in 2017 his goal is to expand his brand a and build an empire.

The 31 year old is in the middle of a messy love triangle with his girlfriend Sky Landish and rapper Bianca formerly known as Young B. The music producer is not here for all that. He signed on in 2016 for a reported $65,000. He is the second highest paid male on the show. It’s his station’s co-worker DJ Gwinnin who makes the most.

Since Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz storylines are less than appealing they took a major paycut to keep themselves relevant this season. But the new guy in town Drewski is using the show as a platform. He’s been busy as hell booking gigs left and right. And his fee for a 4 hour appearance is at $15,000. The show is definitely giving him more popularity outside of New York.

With the new income DJ Drewski is attracting plenty of flies outside the show. It’s been rumored that his co-star MariahLynn has been cozing up to him. But during the reunion Drewski made it clear that Sky is his only one. Despite the rocky relationship Sky is doing well on her own right. She’s not a main cast member but earns $4,000 per episode.

And she too is using the show as as platform to build her brand. Sky is working on a clothing line and gets $2,500 for club appearances. Pretty nice to show up for a few drinks and take off at the end of the night.

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