6 Reasons why Ear Cuffs are Back in Style 2024

Piercing is something that requires a lot of dedication. Not only does the person have to endure a certain amount of pain while being pierced, but they also have to accept the fact that those holes might be permanent. But, most of the time, the holes made out of piercings are unnoticeable and the pain is instantaneous. After the needle goes through the ear, the pain is gone. It seems like a lot of people are understanding this fact which is why ear cuffs are back in style in 2024.

I constantly see posts on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest about new unique types of ear cuffs. So, I think it is safe to say that this is a new trend in 2024. But, if there are some of you that are not convinced that this is a modification that you should do to your body or whether this is a real trend, here are some of the reasons why ear cuffs are back in style.

I am also going to talk about how to wear cuffs and how to combine them with your outfits.

They are popular with celebrities


Usually, trends start randomly out of nowhere. You can rarely find the source of such a new craze. But, the most influential people in the fashion world are usually celebrities. Most of the time, those celebrities are either Hollywood actors or famous music artists.

These celebrities like to experiments with their outfits and shortly after, those outfits become very popular. With the press and paparazzi constantly following Hollywood actors and musicians, it is easy for the trend to start. This is especially true during this era of the Internet. Photographs of celebrities can be posted in a matter of seconds and those posts can be seen by millions of people in just a few minutes.

This is how ear cuffs came back in style these last two or three years. There are dozens of Hollywood actresses that have inspired this trend around the world. A great example is Eva Green. She has been wearing this type of accessories for more than a decade. Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, Sandra Bullock, and many more are fans of this style of earrings.

So, if celebrities are wearing these, there is no reason why you shouldn’t too. I think they are going to be even more popular in the next few years. Why not try and intercept this trend before it becomes even more famous around the world.

There popular with Instagram models and influencers too


Another type of people that are trendsetters in the 21st century is the Instagram models and influencers. These users on the Instagram platform have hundreds of thousands of followers and sometimes even up to millions of followers.

A great example of an Instagram model and influencer is Kylie Jenner. Sure, she became famous from the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but her true fame started with Instagram. Currently, she has over 195 million followers on the platform. That is around 2.5% of the entire population of this planet. That is a crazy amount of people following just one person.

So, you can imagine a woman like this just how much influence she has on people and the fashion world. Kylie Jenner is a great example because she regularly wears ear cuffs. If you were to open up any of her latest posts on Instagram, you will see that she is wearing such an accessory.

It is inexpensive

Earrings have always been a much more inexpensive piece of jewelry when compared to a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring. Simply because it has a much smaller surface area which means much less material needs to be used.
We also need to consider the fact that people like to add precious gems or diamonds on jewelry such as rings or necklaces. For earrings, or more specifically ear cuffs, there really is no need for something too flashy. In fact, for this type of jewelry, simple is better. At least in my opinion.

So, if you want to make this kind of addition to your style, it will not cost you a lot. Even if they are made out of gold, you can probably get one that is around $50. That is quite affordable. Here, I will give you an example. The ear cuffs earrings made out of silver at eandejewellery costs only around 12 pounds. A ring or a necklace made out of sterling silver would probably cost well over $100.

It looks good


Sometimes, a trend starts by itself. It does not always have to be a celebrity, and influencer, or any trigger model. Sometimes, at the base of accessory or clothing looks so good that it starts to become popular. I believe that ear cuffs are coming back as a popular choice for many women because it simply looks good.

I do not see why there needs to be another reason. If something looks good and can be easily combined with a lot of other outfits, it will become a trend surely.

It is subtle

One of the best things about ear cuff is how subtle they are. This is especially true for women with long hair that covers their ears. So, even if you are wearing this kind of jewelry, most people probably will not notice it. For some, this might be an advantage.

Of course, if you want to it to be a little bit more obvious, you could always go with ear cuffs that are a little bit flashier. Something with stronger colors and much more reflective will look good too.

They go well with other jewelry


Ear cuffs also go great in combination with all kinds of other jewelry. That is another very good reason why they are back in style in 2024. Whether you are rocking a silver or diamond necklace, it will not really matter because it will definitely look good with your ear cuffs.

These are some of the reasons why ear cuffs have become so trendy these past few years and I hope that I have convinced you to add them to your daily outfits.

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