Why Food Packaging Integrity is Important for Your Business

Many businesses do not pay much attention to the packaging of their product; some consider it just an additional cost. Nevertheless, the truth is that packaging is just as important as the product. Therefore, if you look at the statistics, you will realize that packaging is what attracts customers. If your products include food, then packaging is especially important for its appearance and for food protection.

Along with the increase of global technology, there has been a strong obligation for many food industries to adopt competitive modern packaging techniques.  Non-destructive, computer-aided, and high-speed sensor machines have been developed to assure both proper handling and thorough technical inspection of products that require packaging. By considering the development of high-end system technology, they should be able to solve the ongoing problems related to the integrity of packaging and sealing in a way that effectively ensures product safety. To learn more you may need to look for a packaging solution like SupremeX which can cater to your business needs.

Food Protection


When it comes to food packaging, protection from contamination is one of the main reasons. Groceries are prone to be contaminated by bacteria and other pollutants. Furthermore, there is a higher risk of contamination when food products in transit are transported over long distances since there are many handling operations and constantly changing circumstances on their way.

Improper packaging negatively influences the quality of the product and can result in contamination, and further complications for human health, and many hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the specified regulations of the international bodies of food handling regulations.

Based on a medical standpoint, there are advisable food packaging methods to ensure, among other measures, that the ingredients are hermetically sealed to prevent the growth of bacteria and to meet the full expectations of the intended purpose of their packaged food. If you want to learn more about packaging methods for your business you can visit the website of

Packaging testing assures that companies have reliable methods to prevent possible tampering of the product. It is recommended that food manufacturers implement quality control measures throughout their food packaging processes, including the use of both package leak detectors and seal integrity testers, such as FlexPak. Not only does defective packaging compromise the quality and integrity of the food product, but it also affects consumer health. For this reason, packaging should ensure complete isolation of air and contaminants.

Display important information


An additional consumer aspect of product packaging is the way the product is promoted and displayed through it. When it comes to food products, there is a label describing the ingredients and the nutritional information included on the packaging, while another product packaging may provide directions for setting up and using the product.

Providing crucial information regarding the product helps to both manage consumer expectations and promote customer satisfaction. Once the consumer understands what kind of product is purchasing, the more likely he or she is to be satisfied with the purchase. However, other product packages omit verbose instructions and leave the product to speak for itself.

Prolong shelf life of the food product


In fact, appropriate packaging considerably prolongs the durability of the food product. On the other hand, inadequate packaging leads to the reduced shelf life of the food product, resulting in problems with the health of the food. For example, corrugated packaging helps fresh products have a longer shelf life, as it prevents contamination. The reason for this comes from the very high temperatures that are applied during the production process. What comes out of this is clean and hygienic packaging, thereby avoiding food deterioration either at the point of transport, in warehouses and supermarkets, or at the customer’s home.

According to research, fruits in corrugated trays remain fresh at least up to three days longer when compared to reusable plastic crates. The main reason is that corrugated packaging can significantly lower both pathogenic and spoilage microorganism contamination. Consequently, this minimizes the chances of food-borne illnesses and extends fruit and vegetable shelf life, further contributing to their freshness, smell, appearance, and taste.

What’s more, there is only one delivery per package. In particular, this is crucial for fruits and vegetables, bread, eggs, meat products, and other easily spoilt goods. The majority of people believe that keeping food at low temperatures helps increase durability. To some extent, however, this fact is correct. Nevertheless, when exposed to oxygen, the food in the package will still decompose. Therefore, proper packaging integrity needs to be assured so that foods are not fully exposed to the air.

Attract consumers


After all, when creating a product, one of the key goals is to attract buyers and make them want to purchase your product. Because first impressions are crucial to the buying process, offering nicely designed product packaging can help your product make its way into the customers’ hands. Unless your product looks aesthetically good on the outside, it is hard for your customers to assume that the food inside is either fresh or delicious. Brand packaging reflects the product inside and the brand as a whole. The selection of a style and colors that engage consumers and stimulate them to pick up your product is equally important as the selection of high-quality packaging materials.

Unique packaging with high-quality design, excellent production value, and an eye for detail can transform an average product into a deluxe item. It is not just about attracting a customer’s eye. While packaging can play a role in providing a luxury experience for a premium product, at the same time, it can play an important role in providing critical trust signals for everyday products. For example, it can affect the consumer’s perception of product quality, such as the freshness of food, the integrity of fair trade products, or the safety of high-value products.

Finally, companies use food packaging to protect food and ensure that consumers will be able to recognize the product. If there was no food packaging, customers could not distinguish their food products from other competitive products on the market. Neither can they guarantee that the food is not expired, safe, and of high quality.

Providing food packaging is essential to protect food from harmful microbes and bacteria. Besides, it can help to keep food conserved and make sure that it does not spoil. Removing food packaging shortens the shelf life of a food product. Lastly, the packaging of your product is a reflection of the effort you put into taking care of your customers.

The use of low-quality packaging can lead to poor appearance, deformation, and spoilage, which has a negative impact on customers and, consequently, on the company’s reputation.

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