Got Your 6? The Story Behind This Enamel Pin Phenomena

Do you remember the enamel pin Tom Hanks wore on his left lapel during Oscar ceremony back in 2012? That little accessory managed to capture the attention of the world and raise awareness of the initiative called ‘Got your Six’. Even though a few years have gone by, in the following text, we are going to remind you of this campaign and tell you more about it. 


US Army veteran Chris Marvin founded this non-profit organization back in 2012 with the goal of facilitating veterans’ life once they return home. The organization translated the problems which ex-military personnel encounter into their six pillars – education, jobs, housing, health, family, and leadership and goals were established for each of them. 

The name which is mirrored on these pins sounds unique and new, but for veterans, it is something that they heard and said hundreds of times during their service. The expression ‘got your six’ actually means ‘I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine’ in military terms. 


Besides helping veterans to rebuild their lives, the main goal of it is to change the way people perceive them. Many of them tell you that others pity them instead of respect and admiring them. Why is this? Well, because of the extreme portrayal of veterans in popular Hollywood movies and TV shows. If you think about it, a vast majority of movie characters are depicted as either heroes or homeless, and sometimes even both. Unfortunately, this affects how people view them in real life, and because of this, some sort of disunion has been formed. This non-profit organization uses personalized content to shape people’s perception through open communication.  


Chris Marvin believes that veterans should be given the opportunity to use their unique set of skills to strengthen and merge communities as team leaders and problem solvers. The ‘6 Certified’ program was launched to help promote movies and series that represent veterans in a more accurate and responsible way.

The keynote speaker at the event that launched this campaign was Michelle Obama who also highlighted the importance of unique experiences that service members and their families possess. Since she had heard many stories first hand, she stated that it is not a simple task to put on a uniform and wear it with pride. Also, she invited all people to be more understanding and to facilitate this transition for every soldier.


Today, this organization is still going strong, and now it is the part of Bob Woodruff Foundation

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot to intrigue the media’s attention, only a small enamel pin. A few celebrities had incorporated this accessory into their formal outfits and the word about this campaign spread at the speed of light. For decades now, these pins have been used to raise awareness of a certain problem or solely to express one’s attitude or opinion about a certain topic. If you want to learn more about enamel pins or even order one of your own, click here.

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