10 Interesting Number Plates from Around the World

If you are a driver and a car owner, the license plate represents something meaningful to you. If you have the opportunity to choose, you will probably pick something relatable to you or something that will make it unique. Sometimes people go further and take something that becomes viral. Your plate becomes a part of you, your life, and your way of life, so it is always good if you can choose the perfect one. Maybe you don’t want to see it all around the internet, but you certainly want to take a look at some awesome and amusing plates. If you are interested in some plate numbers like that, you should check and get more information.

Regarding that, here are some humorous plates that we sort out for you.



The food is something essential for us, and every one of us has its favorite. Just try to imagine the food that you love that much to put its name on your license plate. For one person, this was a must, so everyone can now know that his or her favorite food is a cheeseburger. If you are a big food lover, you should think about this idea.

2. H4PPY



For those who are full of love and joy and you want to spread optimism all around, maybe this plate is ideal for you. It is clear what H4PPY stands for, and if you are that type of person, perhaps this is an excellent way to share it with everybody else. Don’t think twice, be positive, and be glad that there is yet another great way to show your cheeriness.



There is a license plate for those who are not very pleasant or not a peoples person. For those who are not a big fan of people, crowds, etc., this plate is something that you would probably like to have. Anyone who looks at it has a pretty much good knowledge of who you are, or what you want them to think about you. So if someone likes this plate number and would like something like that, take this plate as a little helpful advice, and be rude as much as you want.

4. D 5


What makes this plate number stand out is the amount of money Indian businessman had to pay for it. This man wanted his D 5 plate so bad that not even the cost of 9 million USD could stop him from it. As he said, he likes number 9, and D5 adds up to that. Some may say that this is too much, but it made our top 10 list. Another amusing fact is that he got this plate at the plate auction in Dubai.



Being friendly is always greeted, and with a plate number like this, you will unquestionably draw attention. This kind of license plates can also make someone’s day, which is just another plus for choosing it. If you are a chatty person, who loves spending time getting to know others, seeing this will leave you speechless. It could also be a good starting point for those who are yet to choose their number plates.

6. FML


Well, this number plate can have several meanings. The owner can put it on a brand new, expensive car, and then it would be sarcastic, or someone just had the need to express how he or she feels, and what better way to do so than doing this. Whatever the reason is, it is for sure funny when you see it, and it says a lot about how creative we can all be with the proper inspiration.

7. 2 B


For those in love in literature and particularly in Shakespeare, seeing this on the road will make your day. And what about seeing this plate right next to the NOT 2B? Yes, there is someone who has both of these plates, and they surely must adore Shakespeare and Hamlet. What a way to be artistic, knowledgeable, and original at the same time. It is something to think about when deciding on yours.

8. RUN 4IT

It is another private plate number that can go in the funny section. It is interesting how people express their humor in a different and not so usual way. But that is what makes every one of us unique, and why it is so amusing looking at what people can come up with, with the plate numbers. As for this one, when you see it, it exactly says what you should do, and it will make you smile for sure.



We are all very proud when we accomplish something important, and this ERNDIT plate says it the best. Everyone has a dream car. It is not just a car, and it is more like an ideal, a specific thing that motivates you. And what should you do when you achieve that – put it as a plate number so that everyone can see it. It is just a joke but, it is also a very amusing plate number, and it is a guarantee that everyone who notices it will remember it.



Those who are familiar with the TV series “The X-Files” this plate number may seem like some line from that show. What this plate truly represents is the fact that humor plays a very significant aspect of our lives, and the ways to express it are numerous. Seeing this WHERAMI plate must cause some reaction (mostly laughing), and that is the whole point of it.

To be creative is a need for every one of us, and there are numerous ways to express it. It doesn’t matter if someone reveals their artistic side via graffiti, some portrait, or plate number, the important thing is that every one of us finds that something to make life beautiful. The option where someone can choose if they want their personalized plate numbers or not, only adds to this, and since it all began, we are witnessing some pretty amazing license plates, and we can hope that continues.

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