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Jason Bateman Net Worth 2024

Arrested Development was one of Fox’s biggest breakout shows. For six seasons it was critically acclaimed winning six Primettime Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe. Time even listed it as one of televisions 100 Greatest Shows of All Time. It’s large fan following helped the show get picked up for another season in 2013. Netflix ordered 13 episodes for season 4 paying Jason Bateman a reported $125,000 per episode. He is the highest earner on the series. During the show’s hiatus extended his working career to film appearing in blockbusters, Horrible Bosses, Hancock alongside Will Smith, Identity Thief, Couples Retreat with Ben Stiller and over 20 more films. His net worth is $50 million in 2013.

Jason Bateman has become one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors commanding $7 million per film and currently in talks to earn $10 million for Horrible Bosses 2 in 2014. Bateman’s acting career all began with a stint on “Little House on the Prairie” and his starring role on “Silver Spoons” in the 80’s.

Bateman was born in Rye New York, his mother was a flight attendant but his father was in the entertainment business. Kent Bateman worked as a film and television director and founder of a Hollywood repertory stage company. His career in Hollywood encouraged Batemen to pursue acting. At 18 years old he took up after his father when he began directing several episodes of the series “Valerie” making him the youngest director in the DGA. In the 90’s Jason’s career was met with a series of roadblocks. As a teen and child actor he was able to be cast in a plethora of roles but as he became an adult he became less attractive to casting directors. But in 2003 when he was cast in Arrested Development his career catapulted when he won a Golden Globe for for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy.

Bateman currently lives with his wife Amanda Anka in Los Angeles California. They married in 2001 and later had two daughters Francesca and Maple.

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