Make Money Playing Games on Your Phone? Yes, it’s Possible!

The way things are looking these days, it seems like working remotely is going to become the new normal for many people. In many industries that’s been the case for many years, and in the coming years the number of people working online will increase exponentially.

In the wake of the pandemic, many have lost their jobs or had to put their employment prospects on hold. As such, many are looking for ways to earn a little income while they wait things out. Some people already have the necessary skills to work as freelancers on sites like Fiverr or XPlace. But that leaves a large percentage of unskilled workers in the dark.

The following suggestions are not going to generate enough income to support you, but it’s one way to pass the time that isn’t totally unproductive. This article is geared mostly at young people who are on their phones constantly anyway.

Believe it or not, if you enjoy playing games on your phone, there are apps that will pay you for it. These game apps run on both iPhone and Android devices and you can accept your cash through PayPal.

Playing games for free won’t earn you anything, but If you could earn a little extra cash while playing on your phone that’s pretty great right? keep reading for the games and apps and pay you to use them!



As the name suggests, this app is all about money and many sources recommend it as the best for making money on your phone. It’s free to download and join the app and you can access a few different ways to earn money. For instance, you collect by watching videos, filling out surveys, performing web searches, play games, and more.

When you create an account, you’ll immediately get $5 as a welcome gift for filling out your profile. According to the app, they have paid out more than $400 million to users since its creation a few years ago.
To get in on the action, download the app, and follow the directions to complete your profile.
Swagbucks Live

This app used to be known as SwagIQ. If you’re good at trivia games and know a lot about different subjects it’s perfect for you. Swagbucks Live gives you the chance to win great prizes just by answer a series of questions, using multiple-choice options.

To play, you’ll be given 10 seconds to answer each question, and if you answer every question right you can win hundreds of dollars. However, the main prize is split between all users that answer correctly and if you don’t win, you still collect points that you can exchange for cash or gift cards to use online.

Online Betting

Playing casino games online has an edge and glamorous factor to it that will probably draw more people in than other options here. However, don’t go into it if you’re going to rely solely on luck. But if you have a skill playing certain games like poker, or blackjack and if there’s a good chance you’re betting than the majority of people playing. Then you can win some serious cash. Just make sure you’re reading reviews and choosing through a website like to find reputable betting sites.

For example, you can join online poker tournaments where you are competing against players just like you. Always start with low stakes and work up to higher amounts, as a way to test the water before diving in.
Additionally, if you know a lot about sports and are good at guessing who will win, you can place small bets on sportsbooks and win some money as well.



This is an upcoming game app that is available to both iOS and Android users that is currently still developing. Mistplay will give you the chance to find new games, play, and collect points to exchange for excellent rewards. It will also combine a social aspect that lets you invite and chat with friends and compare scores.
It’s a competitive app that rewards users for scoring the highest and climbing the leaderboards.



If the social vibe of Mistplay appeals to you, then you’ll enjoy Bananatic as well. This app rewards users for watching videos, playing games, referring others, and completing other small tasks. It’s also a great platform for meeting new people and enjoying games together.

Every time you complete any task on the app, you earn “bananas” which you can exchange for money, game codes, more games, or currency to use in the app. You can also claim gift cards or prepaid Visa’s once you meet certain levels in the games.

Inbox Dollars


This is another great rewards app that users can use to make money in several ways. So far, the app has paid out more than $59 million to its members in cash rewards. It works the same as a few others on this list where players can fill out surveys, watch videos, or even shop and read emails to earn cash.

Inbox Dollars hooks you up with casino games, puzzles, and arcade-style games where you can get paid just for taking part in tournaments. Just like Swagbucks Inbox Dollars is also giving away a $5 bonus for signing up.



This is one of the most fun and rewarding apps that give you money just for doing free scratch cards. Basically, you select which scratch cards you want to try and you’ll win tokens or real money. You can either use your tokens on more cards to win bigger prizes or cash them out for gift cards.



When you fill out surveys, play games, watch videos, or complete other offers on the site, you’ll earn iRazoo points which you can turn into PayPal cash or gift cards to use online. You can complete new tasks daily and even earn extra points by referring friends. To start making money all you need to do is create a user account and get started right away.


Most of the sites above will not replace a regular job. However, they are certainly better than doing all of that without any reward. And depending on how many hours per day you spend on your phone, you can at least make it worth something!

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