7 Things to Know Before Playing Pai Gow Poker for the First Time

Are you a founder of casino games? You must have read or played Pai gow, which is an exciting game of the casino world. Paid Gow Poker is a version of Americanized casino games all over the world. People love and play this game because of some positive facts, and the game is more interesting than many other casino games. If you are a beginner, you may need to spend some time understanding game rules and some other facts necessary now before playing this game.

Here down in this post, we provided a complete guide on what things and factors you need to consider before playing this game. Although there are many others which are essential to know, these are most important for everyone. You can read more on this website about the game and its advanced facts.

To know Basics


To know the basics of the game is the first significant point that everyone must keep in mind. Several people do love and play, but they do not know even the basics, due to which they do not become successful in this game. However, knowing the basics Is the only solution for newbies specifically. Some basics are given as follows:

  • The location of the bank is always in front of a dealer where you can get all cheques quickly without any hurdle whenever you need
  • Dealer ranges are there in front of the bank again

Table Stakes

There are table stakes where you can go for money. There is no need to open your pocket or any other table or card whenever you need money while playing this casino game. When you play this game, you are not allowed to play with side bets, but the other players may bet for these side tables and money. This is one of the unique rules which most people miss. However, you can buy and bet for chips, which is the only way to provide efficient results. You can use even the money which\ is involved in the table stakes in a later case. Also, ensure that if you bet for the $20, you have only $20 to play and win/lose at that time.

Taking a Break


Taking a break is an essential thing you need to know for the Pai gow poker to know if you are playing for the first time. It does not mean that you can take a break anytime. However, if you are tired and want to rest on your own, you can even take breaks for the leg pushing process anytime. Upon coming from the break, the dealer has to deal with the rest.

It does not mean that you are involved in the whole process, or you may lose something. The dealer always shows positive prospects for this purpose. During this, if you get a chance to miss the big blind and a small blind, then the small blind will be in your pockets, but the big blind money acts as a live bet which you can use for the rest of the time for betting.

Change Seats

It’s not the process that you can change seats anytime you need or wish, but changing the seat may follow some rules. You are allowed to use the seat which you use and fix for the first time. This does not mean that you are allowed to use this seat anytime. Once a seat is fixed for you, it is unable to leave that seat.

Unless a player itself leaves the seat, you can request to sue his seat by asking the dealer. If the dealer allows you to use the seat, you can use it without any worry. Ensure that weaker players are always sitting on your left side of the seats while the most vital players are on the right side of the seats. This rule often lets you know how helpful the game is for you to win by following this rule.

Setting Pai Gow Hand


Setting pai gow hand is another factor which you must keep in mind. It’s vital as many other factors are essential. If you have two cards, then you can make pairs and play. On the other hand, if you have five cards, standard poker handing rules are applied. If a joker is playing with you, then he may ask for the cards when he needs to use them and take them from you.

The House Edge

The house edge is an essential factor that you must keep in mind. It depends upon if you are banking or not. If you are banking, then there is no house edge or a selection for you. On the other hand, if you are not involved in banking, you may get a house edge of 2.9% for the maximum amount.

Knowing Object of Game


To know the object of the game is the main thing everyone needs to know. The primary aim is to make cards higher than the baker’s hand. I.e., if you have a card that has two hands, then this should be a bit higher than the banker’s two-card hand. If you are using a five-hand card, this must be higher than the banker’s five-hand card. This is a myth but to be honest, that greater is your card than the banker’s hand, and the most is the chances of winning this game.

Final Verdicts

Pai Gow Poker is an online casino game which is getting importance day by day because of its regular updates and facts that attract people who love to play casino games. The game is essential for each extent, and everyone loves to play this game no matter if he wins or loses. If you win, you can play the next level with greater efficiency. If you lose, again, you have some chance to learn and then play again to win. If you are a beginner, then keep following the above guides to play this game smoothly.

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