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Randy Lehrman Net Worth 2024

  • Net Worth: $3.2 million
  • Lives: West Hills, Ca
  • Patti’s nickname: Bubble Boy
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Height: 5 foot 7
  • Celebrity Crush: Emma Stone

Millionaire Matchmaker, one of Bravo’s most loyal and long running shows returns with some new additions. Patti Stanger is now in love with her Jew, David Krause. They met in 2012 and since last season he has given her a promise ring. Patti’s own advice seems to be finally helping her love life. In a new office in West Hills California Patti has hired a new staff. David, Justin and Marissa are her new assistants bringing a greater dynamic to the cast. And the Millionaires who have sought Patti’s help are still the same. The jerks, hopeless romantics, players and down right weird are paying top dollar for Patti’s help in finding love. Stanger continues to help the realize the obvious reasons they are single. Here comes Randy Lehrman on episode 1.

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Randy Lehrman was born in Los Angeles California. He moved to West Hills in his 20′s and started his own business. Real Genius Entertainment is a an event and party planning service that specializes in Weddings, kid themed parties and work events. Randy works with his partner Matt who own the agency. They have their own DJ’s, decorators, caterers, magicians and clowns who serve as the entertainment for their events. Randy’s company has garnered a ton of positive reviews from clients and major companies who were thrilled with their events. He’s made over $5 million in the past two years from his growing business.

We used Randy at Real Genius for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah last year and couldn’t have been more pleased. From my very first phone call to Randy I felt like I was in good hands. He immediately met with my wife and daughter and myself at our home to go over our choices and get my daughter jazzed up for the event.

With the success of his business you’d think someone like Randy Lehrman who seems to know how to please would have a successful dating life. But just the opposite. The 40 year old likes to have fun and joke around (a little too much) and even worse he refuses to admit he is over 30 years old. This guy can’t seem to grow up which might explain why his celebrity crush is Harry Potter star Emma Stone. Randy also doesn’t date women over 30. He has a sexual and offensive sense of humor turning most mature women off. The 40 year old also thinks he looks 30 which gives him the right to lie about his age. Do I need to continue? This guy is the ultimate self obsessed jerk.

Most of his dating life has come from matchmaking sites which explains why Patti calls him the Bubble boy. As Patti explains people who date on line live in a bubble and they mostly present a facade. They don’t have to showcase the real them. Will Patti have what it takes to help him find a real woman and realize his faults.

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