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Ritual of Purification and Attraction of Good Energy – 2024 Guide

At times we can feel like a strong magnet that can attract negative energy and even negative people with ease. Perhaps the fact of feeling tired, without spirits is due to the negative energies that can surround us. If you just moved into your new home, but the atmosphere is strangely heavy. and you wonder how to vigorously clean the house? Don’t worry, today we teach you certain techniques on how to transform and release these negative energies, as they can affect your health and quality of life. Here are some simple tools that you can incorporate into your daily life to remove negative energy from your life.

1. Purify Your Space or Your Home


Purification is an ancient ritual performed by shamans and healers from older cultures. In these rituals, some herbs or incenses, dried sage, or other dry herbs are usually burned to purify a person or a place. Whether it’s , sage, sandalwood, mugwort, or other dried herbs, just light a little corner and let smoke spread through your home, purifying your entire space. It is very important that when you purify in this way where herbs or incenses are burned, no people are inside the home since breathing large amounts of smoke is bad for our health. Let’s try to burn our herbs or incense in a heat-resistant container in this way we will collect the ashes.

Based on purification experiences, I like to mix various types of herbs and incense such as Palo Santo, sage, cinnamon, we light it and we will begin to walk through the entire room to purify and let the smoke spread to all corners. For this type of application, it is advisable to have an open window during this ritual so that negative energy can escape. If you or someone else needs to clean yourself, carefully circulate the smoke from your upper body to your feet. For more information about Palo Santo visit >> EcuadorioanHands

2. Clean Your Floor

Wash the earth with a mixture of water, coarse salt and essential oil (niaouli, tea tree, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus …).

You can also use these essential oils in diffusion in the room. Be careful, essential oils are not recommended for certain animals, children under 3 years of age and pregnant women.

If you are moving to a new house, you can also clean the walls with soda crystals. In addition, it allows you to practice sports for free!

3. Take Baths of Saltwater and Essential Oils to Purify and Dissipate Negative Energy


A good bath also helps to eliminate lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles, providing relief to sore muscles and aiding relaxation, to release stress and negativity. Put a handful of raw salt (do not use table salt) and a few drops of essential oil of your choice in your bathtub, in my case I use Palo Santo as it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps me relax my body and recharge my energies. Formulate an intention during your bath to release any negativity.

If you do not have a bathtub, you can use natural soaps made from essential oils, which will provide the same benefits and properties to your body.

4. Find the Right Glass for You

You can wear crystals as jewelry or keep them in your pocket, purse, or at home. There are several types of crystals, each with a different purpose and with unique healing properties. However, when making your choice, let your instincts guide you and you will naturally be directed to the one that is right for you.

5. Another Tip: The Tibetan Bowl


I am a fan of Tibetan bowls, especially crystal ones.

The vibrations of the bowls clean and increase the vibrational frequency of a place.

They harmonize the energy of your home.

You can also use them to purify your energy.

For my part, I also use CDs with music from Tibetan bowls or music of purification that I let resonate in the room I want to clean.

6. Seal Yourself Against Negative Energies by Doing One or More of the Following

Use a talisman, draw a pentacle invoking each entrance to your interior (doors, windows, etc.). Don’t forget the basement or garage door!

Spray the exterior walls of your home with salt water.

Place a small coin (side of the pile) in each outside corner of your house.

Place a symbol of protection, such as a mirror, the effigy of a house god, or a broom in front of or near the main and secondary entrance doors. It is better to use the symbol most familiar to your cultural or ethnic roots.

7. Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Home


Essential oils have been used since ancient times to help release negative energy and promote positivity. They have the power to transform a negative state of mind into a positive state of mind. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from, so let your mind guide you to which ones are the best for you.

Each essential oil has different properties, advise yourself well before using the essential oil and remember that if you are going to place it on your skin you must dilute it with a neutral or vegetable oil such as almond or coconut oil to avoid burns. It is advisable to place a drop of essential oil in our hands before placing it completely on our bodies to ensure that we are not allergic.

8. Meditate and Visualize Positive Energy

Meditate and Visualize Positive Energy

Meditation is a powerful tool for purifying and attracting good energy. Metaphysical supplies can be bought to enhance the experience. By creating a calm and centered mind, you become more receptive to positive energies and vibrations. Start by finding a quiet place in your home where you can sit comfortably. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, visualizing any negative energy being expelled with each exhale.

Imagine a white, radiant light surrounding you, acting as a protective barrier against any negativity. As you inhale, visualize this light filling your body with warmth and positive energy. Practicing this simple meditation daily can greatly enhance your ability to ward off negative energies and attract positivity into your life. Remember, your mind is a potent force; harnessing it in the right direction can significantly uplift your spirit and environment.

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