The Science of Dressing Well (For Yourself, Not for the Others)

What’s the common denominator for all the beautiful, charming women that we all secretly admire? They all dress well!

A study on psychological research took 128 males to what they believed was an experiment in the development of new sensors. The men arrived in groups dressed in their usual street attire. Researchers gave them a third “lower-class clothes” to wear blue sweatshirts along with a t-shirt along with plastic shoes. The remaining third changed to black suits with white button-downs, and black formal shoes. The remaining participants remained in their personal outfits. After changing into their new clothes and before they began their negotiations they all looked over themselves in full-length mirrors.

The researchers provided the participants with the scenario and directions on how to negotiate the sale of a manufacturing plant. Participants were aware of the optimal price to sell the facility, which would benefit both parties equally. But, they were urged to make use of aggressive negotiation techniques to “win” instead of coming to a fair agreement.

Science has proven that the way we dress affects our personality and mood. And while dressing well sounds as simple as brushing your teeth, the reality is that it’s a skill you should master.

There are great examples of great dressing styles for a simple yet elegant and unique look. You can check the dresses at Revir. Click here to find more inspirational outfits, and you can also keep reading as we have gathered six easy rules that will help you out. Although these rules sound simple, they have the power to revolutionize the way you look and feel about your everyday wear. Ready? Let’s dive in.

1) Dress for yourself


Sadly, we are all conditioned to wear clothes for others, not for ourselves. We were unconsciously raised this way (and no, don’t blame your mama here). The fact that we dress for others can. What was about her that you loved the most? What was the vibe about her clothing that touched your heart? Is it about how comfortable yet put together and stylish she is?

Examine what style makes your heart sing and create more of that style for you. Style is all about adding your flavor and expressing yourself through the garments you wear.

2) Embrace your body shape


We are all unique and beautiful, but we come in different shapes and sizes. Most women are a combination of several body shapes, and that’s perfectly ok. Mixing and matching will help you find what’s best for you, what kind of dress, skirt, trousers, etan be dated way back in history. Take a look a few centuries ago at the way women dressed – pretty dresses, tight corsets you can barely breathe in

And no – there is nothing wrong with high heels, beautiful dresses, and makeup… as far it’s your authentic style.

The truth is we rarely stop to think about what we truly like and what our style is. And the more we dress for ourselves and not for others, the better we feel about our overall image and the greater confidence we gain.

So, we dare you to stop for a minute and think about what you love to wear? Is it more comfy yet elegant clothes? Is it more feminine clothing? Whatever it’s, go for it but remember to always put the most important person in the mirror (you) first and always dress for yourself, not others.

3) Find your style


A natural next step in the science of getting dressed and dressing for yourself first is finding your style.

Think about it – when was the last time you admired (or secretly envied) some beautiful-looking woman with an outfit that would look amazing on you and perfectly fits with your style. Remember, fashion is about feeling beautiful in the garments you wear and feeling confident about who you are.

4) Reduce your wardrobe


Decluttering your wardrobe is a game-changer. Let’s be honest. We all have items in our closet that we either don’t need or are left there for “someday when you get skinnier, you have time to iron …fill in the blanks”. You don’t need those clothes.

Reduce your closet only to garments that you love and feel great about wearing. The rest can go to charity or your friends.

Take a look at your laundry – you have several pieces of garments that you wear. Keep those out, and let go of the others. Challenge yourself to wear every single item of your wardrobe.

If you choose to follow this rule, you will benefit from the reduced decision fatigue that we all suffer on those mornings when we cannot decide what to wear. As you will need less time to decide on your garments, you can really use the extra hours of sleep. Astonishing, eigh?

5) Don’t forget accessories


Accessories are the ultimate pieces that can make or break your entire outfit. They create a polished, put-together outlook, and that’s why they are among the must-haves for adding more preference and style to the way you dress. Belts, scarfs, jewelry, handbags – they all have the power to elevate your outfit and make you look more polished and complete. And if you are looking for an accessory that has the power to elevate any style, we highly recommend amelia rose jewelry.

The bottom line

As you can see, dressing well is a science that you can master with the five tips above. And if you want to find new quality garments to complement your “dress well” style, we suggest you take a look at Revir. There you will always find timeless, beautiful, comfy, and stylish pieces that can fit any taste and style.

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