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Shia Labeouf Net Worth 2024

34-year-old actor Shia Labeouf currently finishes up production of his new film Nymphomaniac. The actor already worth $30 million has a long list of award winning films on his resume but now he is taking things far in the new film Nymphomaniac. After starring in Band of Brothers he is packing on weight for the new movie that might call for some explicit scenes. The film is so provocative that at the top of the script there is a disclaimer saying they are doing it for real.

He was born in the land of dreams Los Angeles California. The actor honed his craft as a teen doing comedy routines in local coffee shops. After a small role on the 90’s hit Quinn Medicine Woman he got his major role as the star of the Disney Series Even Stevens. His first movie role came in the Disney film Holes and in 2007 the blockbuster franchise Transformers. He earned $500,000 for the first film and in the final installment got a paycheck for $15 million.


Shia Labeouf and his attractive looks have garnered him millions of female fans who have been at odds with every woman he has dated including Rihanna. He is currently dating 19 year old Mia Goth. He has also dated co-stars Meagan Fox and Carey Mulligan while they filmed the 2009 movie Wall Street.

This fall he is taking a small hiatus from acting to focus on school. He will be attending Yale University. Pursuing a college degree has become popular by actor James Franco who graduated from Columbia University.

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