4 Reasons to Switch to Organic Herbs and Spices in 2024

The plants that we are adding to food as spices are essential for the taste of any sort of dish. We can find different spices in every culture all over the world. Various herbs and spices were very expensive in past, but we can find most of these products in local stores today. Countries that are most popular as origins of most spices are India, China, East Africa, and South America. Every chef will tell you that herbs and spices are crucial for the taste of each meal. Therefore, you should always have your favorite products in your kitchen. Also, it is important to learn how to use the right amount of these ingredients, especially the ones with a stronger taste like curry, red pepper, and more.

With the advanced transportation services that we have today, it is easy to deliver all sorts of spices all across the world, which is especially beneficial for people living in the northern hemisphere since there are poor conditions to grow exotic herbs like saffron, Curcuma, cinnamon, and others. Also, we have to mention the serious issues related to farms and major processes in growing where people are using pesticides and other chemicals to improve the growth of plants. These chemicals can cause various health issues and they are not good for the environment as well. Therefore, you should choose only those herbs grown on organic farms. You should read more about the main advantages of organic spices. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to the main reasons why you should switch to organic spices and herbs.

1. It is Healthier


As we already mentioned, many farmers all across the world are using additional chemicals to improve the growth, but this method can also make the plants less healthy. According to various researches, pesticides and other products could cause chronic diseases, allergies, nausea, blindness, diarrhea, and any other health issues. Also, they are harming the environment by causing the deaths of insects, birds, and animals. There is a huge problem in the whole world where the population of bees is falling dramatically, and it is essential to find a way to help these insects reproduce since they are essential for nature.

Moreover, these chemicals are harming all other parts of our nature by contaminating the water resources and ground. Even the process of production and utilization of pesticides causes an increased emission of CO2 in our atmosphere. Therefore, by spending a little more on natural spices you are also investing in a healthier future for the whole planet.

2. There Are No Fillers in Organic Herbs


The main issue related to cheap products that you can find on a shelf in a local store is that they contain various additives that manufacturers are using to save more money and get a bigger amount of packages for sale. That is the main reason why you should always read labels, especially if you are allergic to some ingredients. The most common fillers are salt, sugar, and flour. For example, if you want to buy dried garlic, all of those cheaper products contain a high amount of salt. In some cases, the amount of dried garlic can be even less than 10%. Also, you should check if there are preservatives, artificial colors, and other potentially harmful additives.

3. Natural Taste Better


Another reason to spend more on an organic product is the fact that herbs grown in a traditional environment and without any chemicals have a much better taste. We can notice the same feature when it comes to fruits and vegetables, where the taste of organic and those plants assisted with herbicides cannot be compared in taste.

You can easily determine whether some product is grown on an organic farm or not by checking the producer, area where the plants are grown, smell, and taste. On the other hand, the climate of some regions is also very important. In that matter, a specific herb might have a much better taste when it is grown in its natural habitat with better climate conditions and the quality of the soil.

4. Non-Organic Spices Can Increase Chances for Cancer


Modern farms are using advanced processes to improve the products and make their products sterilized and clean of dirt and bacteria. However, the problem is that these processes require harmful chemicals that could cause health issues for people as well. The most common methods are irradiation and fumigation, which are used to kill bacteria. It is proven that these substances could harm the nervous system and even cause cancer. There are already some countries that banned the use of these chemical processes. When it comes to organic products, the best way to use them safely is to boil them first.

Last Words

Most of these chemical processes were developed in the 20th century, especially after World War II, and they are very effective since the production can rapidly improve with them. However, people started realizing that there are serious side-effects of using pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful products. There is a huge rise in awareness related to the environment and how important it is to switch to energy-efficient resources that don’t emit high-amounts of carbon monoxide or cause health issues and damage our nature.

Furthermore, even if the herbs are grown on an organic farm, you should pay attention to additives and the quality of the package since they might add too much salt or some other ingredients. On the other side, each herb and spice requires a special environment and climate condition. In that matter, you cannot expect that the cinnamon grown in the United States will have the same aroma as one grown in Southeast Asia. The same is with herbs and spices since these chemicals can be applied to them as well. It is essential to learn the difference between naturally-grown organic spices and those from big farms that are adding all sorts of additives. You will get a better-tasting product that won’t cause any of the side-effects we mentioned.

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