• Health

    Ways to Get Your Mental Health Back on Track

    After the year we’ve had, not many would blame us for being a little pessimistic and in a not-so-great headspace. But a more normal world seems to be on the horizon, and we don’t want to be stuck staying home in our pjs and binge watching Friends for the fifth time when everyone else gets on with their lives. Now…

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  • Foods

    3 Grilled Recipes for Your Next Outdoor Cookout

    It’s summer! And what this means for most people is — grilling time! Who wouldn’t love the smell and taste of grilled dishes on your dining table? Match it with an outdoor vibe and you’ll have a mouth-watering dining experience. Whether you’re dining with a small group of friends or a large crowd of family members, your menu should be…

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  • Relationship

    How To Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship – 2023 Guide

    Long-distance relationships can be extremely difficult to cope with sometimes. A relationship is all about supporting each other through thick and thin and being there no matter what. Distance works as a dreadful obstruction which makes it impossible to be there in real-time. When the entire communication is based on phone calls and video calls, it becomes challenging to sustain…

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  • Uncategorized

    Surprising Uses for an Instant Pot in 2023

    The Instant Pot is, for perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, a favorite kitchen appliance. A modern-day pressure cooker that makes cooking fast and easy for beginners and experienced home-cooks alike. Apart from the reduced cooking times the pot is also the most energy-efficient way to cook, but is there more to it than that? Not surprisingly, many people assume…

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