How To Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship – 2024 Guide

Long-distance relationships can be extremely difficult to cope with sometimes.

A relationship is all about supporting each other through thick and thin and being there no matter what. Distance works as a dreadful obstruction which makes it impossible to be there in real-time.

When the entire communication is based on phone calls and video calls, it becomes challenging to sustain the relationship or feel the connection.

One great way to deal with this is to try and come up with new activities every day. In this article, we have assembled a few activities that can help you spice up your long-distance relationship.

1. Plan romantic date nights


Consult with your partner, pick a date and schedule a video call. You can decide to order the same food and get a bottle of wine alongside. You can either pick a movie or just discuss your day with them.

If distance wasn’t an issue, then date nights would be different. However, it is troublesome to create an experience of a physical date. On these virtual dates, you need to make the most of what you can. Therefore, these little things would mean the world to both of you.

2. Surprise them with a thoughtful gift

Gifts always bring a smile to people, and these will hold even more important when you cannot be present to give them the gift.

Suppose there is a certain dress they have wanted for a long time but couldn’t get themselves to buy it. You can seize the opportunity and surprise them by buying it for them.

If your partner is going through a bad time or is physically ill, it would be thoughtful to send them a keep it up or a get well soon card.

One other ritual that is quite popular amongst long-distance couples is keeping a certain piece of belonging from the other person. It could be anything from a photo frame to a shirt. You can wrap one of your belongings up and send it to them along with a heart-warming hand-written letter.

3. Plan a surprise visit


While gifts can work wonders, nothing will ever matter more than you being present physically. Try to take some time off work and buy a ticket but don’t let them know. Just show up at their door and be ready for your heart to melt into an adorable little puddle.

4. Prepare a song, dance, or something new for them

This is one of the sweetest things you can do for your long-distance partner. You can either choose a song or prepare a dance routine. Keep dropping hints but don’t mention anything explicitly. Then, at your routine video call, blow their minds out.

Apart from the act, it will also showcase the amount of effort you are willing to put in for them.

5. Cook together


If the both of you live alone and cook for yourself, this will be interesting. The both of you can decide on a dish that happens to be a personal favorite.

Then, place the phone or the laptop at the countertop so that they can get a clear view of you while you cook. Assemble all the things and then start cooking together.

After you are done with the dish, dress up, arrange two plates and serve it in both of the plates in equal amounts. Voila! Another idea for an amazing date night.

6. Talk about the times you have spent together

If you guys have been in a normal relationship before switching to long-distance entirely, then you have plenty of memories to long back on. Thus, it would be a great idea to take a trip down memory lane now and then.

However, if your entire relationship is long distance, then these talking about the past virtual dates will do the trick.

7. Journal the memories together


While you guys will not be physically present with each other, make sure that you can catch them up with everything. Yes, of course, the regular conversations will do that job, but you know what will be better?

Journaling. You can journal your important memories together or make a journal that covers every milestone of your relationship. You can give this to them as a present when they come over, or you can also send it over on their birthday or your anniversary. Ask your partner to partake in the journaling process too.

8. Take the help of social media

While you can’t reach out to your partner in real-time, take the help of social media. Post a picture of the two of you or write something nice.

If they have an upcoming tournament or an exam, wish them all the best on a social media platform.

9. Did you know there are other apps too?


Several apps are specifically designed for long-distance couples. It can help you preserve all the memories, videos, and pictures in a private timeline that will be visible to only the two of you.

There are other apps and websites like that suggest different activities you can carry out on a virtual date.

Apart from all that, you will always have the golden rule of playing video games together. As mainstream as it may sound, it always guarantees a wonderful time.

10. Take up a fitness challenge together

We always have a lot of exercises to skip the gym. It is nothing new for us to be suffering from a constant loss of motivation.

However, if you take up a fitness challenge with your partner, then motivation will no longer be an issue. You will always want to go to the gym so you can have the upper hand on your partner.

11. Involve each other in your plans


Always inform each other about your plans. Not only will this male them feel secure, but it will also make them feel included.

Though the two of you won’t be able to make plans to go out together, letting them in on the plan is the closest you can come to that.

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