The Strange Things About Those California Fires…

This has certainly been a bad week for news, the Las Vegas shooting, and the fires in northern California. In fact, as I sit down to blog about this in the wee hours of the morning, I heard a brief news report on the radio that some of the bodies of victims are so badly charred and unrecognizable, that they are having to be identified from dental records, tattoos, and other distinguishing features. Add to this a small hill of articles I received about it this week from readers of this website.

As one might expect, many of these articles raise questions about the origins of these fires: arson, and even terrorist arson, have been argued by a few sites. Here’s one such site, and brief article, noticed by Ms. K.M. You’ll have to scroll down a bit when you reach this link, to the article “Fires in California were not ‘Wild,’ they were caused”:

First, the article’s author believes that the fires are the result of – you guessed it – weaponized weather of a particularly nasty sort:

Weather weapons work by using multiple transmitters to create a collision zone where differently phased EM waves cancel each other out, and drop their electrical potential into the air (which is a semiconductor) where they cancel. This is the equivalent of biasing a transistor. Semiconductors won’t simply break down and start conducting just because a bias field is applied, in order for them to conduct in a controlled fashion they need a doping agent. In silicon, the doping agents are arsenic and boron. In the air, the doping agent is most likely whatever is in the chemtrails. The ionosphere is the power supply, and earth is “ground”. Everything in between the ionosphere and the ground will heat up.

If enough voltage is applied to a semiconductor, it will suddenly discharge it in one big burst. This is seen in the air as lightning. The weather/geoengineering systems try to avoid this. But this time around, in California, the effects of excess voltage were readily observed by MANY MANY people, and it manifested itself in more than one way.

He then claims that the way people were affected by this alleged weapon were as follows (though notably, no actual names or interviews are provided):

Evidently the people running the geoengineering systems have become more bold, like a thief that steals more and more and more, the more the thief gets away with stealing. The same is happening with weather warfare, and this time around in California, they got bold enough to push the system hard enough so that the effects of the system in use were easily observed.

1. Some people got heart palpitations from having their bodies charged.

2. MANY MANY people saw electrical flashes that made no thunder in perfectly clear blue sky, and worse, some people even saw small blue sparks everywhere in the air around them.

3. MOST DAMNING: People are reporting that their electronics malfunctioned before the fires hit, with the most pronounced and spoken about malfunction being at a hotel (The silverado resort and spa), where ALL of the electrical systems in the hotel malfunctioned, including the electronic access doors, forcing people to jump from windows (because they could not leave their rooms) to escape an approaching fire that instantly appeared out of nowhere in perfect weather.

It is very important to make note of the malfunctioning doors because a simple power outage will not stop those from working. Something jammed the circuits in the doors. Simultaneously the hotel lost main power, generator backup, UPS backup, and local battery backup. Not even the always operational emergency hall lights worked. . That would be totally consistent with a massively potent EM weapon causing complete electronic malfunction because not even the circuits in the emergency backup lighting that turn it on (which operate independent of everything off of a small battery right in the light itself), not even circuits at that small level worked.

First the Cuba “sonic weapon” story, and now this! Taking these assertions at face value and assuming them to be true, then, yes, electrostatic conditions in the region before the fires appear to have been highly charged. And it is worth noting for the record what many readers of this website are probably already thinking: California is allegedly one of the hot spots for regular “chemtrail spraying.” It is also worth noting that chemtrails, allegedly, have a high mixture of particulate metals, which would increase the electrical conductivity and semiconductor effect of the atmosphere, as the author of the article points out. Indeed, some researchers have pointed out that the chemtrail phenomenon may be related to President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, since there is some evidence that this spraying began around the time that the USA seriously began to plan for missile defense. Other authors have urged that ionospheric heaters such as HAARP, by beaming massive amounts of broadcast power into the ionosphere, could release massive “guided” electrical strikes in a region if the conditions are right for it, of if they have been carefully prepared.

Could all this be possible? The author of this article argues yes, but the reasoning here is peculiar for reasons we’ll get to in a moment:

There are people trolling social media (perhaps because they don’t understand how things work, but perhaps not) and they are saying there is no way the air could have been so electrically charged that sparks would be everywhere because it would electrocute anyone standing in it. This is not true at all. Tesla proved it. There are lots of photos of Tesla sitting on a chair with an electrical storm all around him because it does not take much to make a show (relative to what the body can take because the body is a much better conductor than air.)

Additionally, the frequency at which the air is charged makes a big difference, once the frequency goes beyond approximately 40 kHz the body won’t conduct it deeply due to an electrical effect known as the skin effect, where electrical charges travel on the outside of objects rather than through them. All the unbelievable Tesla photos were the result of super high voltage low current electricity traveling around the outside of objects due to the skin effect caused by that electricity also being at a high frequency.

So how would this start forest fires? the answer is an easy one.

1. A dry leaf is thin, which eliminates the benefit of conduction via the skin effect, and

2. A dry leaf will try to be an insulator, which will force all of the electricity that flows through it to turn itself into heat. And additionally, if the air is sparking everywhere as some witnesses said, one of those sparks would probably set off dry tinder somewhere.

POOF, instant fire, there should have been several cases of exploding dry trees where there was no fire there before at all.

Again, all true: electricity of very high frequency travels along the surface of an object, rather than through it. Recall only for a moment Tesla’s Colorado Springs experiments with his Impulse Magnifying Transformer, essentially a Tesla coil, where high-frequency switches are opened and closed extremely fast, sending pulses of electrical-acoustic waves not through the coil, but over it, with the coil thus functioning in a different manner as a waveguide. But then Ms. K.M. found this picture of the fire damage on Facebook, which seems to overturn all the above careful reasoning:


The damage evident here would seem, at least in part, to contradict the theory proposed in the article, for notably in the lower-left corner of the picture, a basically flattened burnt out building is quite close to a tree, which presumably should have burned as well in the intense heat of the nearby building. Also, note what appears to have been a convenience store with gas pumps. The store is burned, and the gas pumps are not. Assuming this picture is indeed from the damage zone, the damage does appear to be anomalous, exhibiting almost a kind of targeted damage, with the surrounding foliage, in this instance, left relatively unaffected. So what might cause this type of damage? Arson would certainly do it, though it would demand a rather coordinated effort. But I can’t help but think that perhaps we’re looking again at a kind of resonance effect, a heat-and-electro-static or electro-acoustic effect that both “melts” and “pulverizes”. After all, arson would not explain the other strange effects allegedly reported in the article. In any case, we’ve seen that heat-and-electro-static or electro-acoustic effect before…

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.

This article (The Strange Things About Those California Fires…) was originally published on Giza Death Star and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.

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