Unique Gifts To Give Your Partner On The Day Of Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful. There are several details to be taken into consideration. On top of this you’ll have to choose a gift for your significant other. The plethora of options available makes the gift-hunting process confusing. Moreover by now you’d already sent many gifts to your future partner and there would seem to be very few options left.

Personalized gifts:

A good and thoughtful idea is to get a personalized gift. That way your gift would be unique definitely appreciated. There are several personalized options to choose from. Find something that tailors to their interests of your partner and shortlist the options. Engraves gifts are always considered special and thoughtful.

Wedding gift ideas:


Coordinate bracelets:

If you are very close to the couple consider gifting them sparkly coordinate bracelets from They are available in colors gold, rose gold, silver and black and made of sturdy stainless steel. You can add coordinates of location that is very close to the couples. Location ideas include:

  • The place where the couple first met
  • Location of their first date
  • Place of marriage

Magnetic couple bracelets:

Remind your partner of the magnetic attraction you have for each other with a literal magnet. They come with cute hanging charms and are available in a handful of design options.

Roman Numerals rings:

Adding the wedding date in a piece of jewel is quite traditional. If you want to make things classier, engrave a special date in roman numerals in a bracelet or ring.


If you want to gift something that last for a lifetime, go for watches. Watches stay with us for long and remain a memorable gift. Every time you bae checks his watch, you are going to invade his mind.

Fine dining gift card:

A gift card for a three-course meal is a nice way to treat your partner after the hectic wedding. After spending months planning over every intricate detail, it is now time to relax and spend time in a leisurely manner with each other.

Gifts exclusive for her:



Most women love jewelry and if your partner is inclined towards jewelry, consider purchasing a silver or gold necklace or a ring with her birthstone or an engraving that is significant to your love story. Pearl jewelry is a great choice too since it goes with her wedding outfit.

Silk robe:

Personalized bride robe made of silky satin that goes smooth against her skin is something she’ll definitely love to wear before changing into her gorgeous wedding gown.

Bridal clutch:

Clutches are like a woman’s best friend on her day out. A customized bridal clutch to hold her items like handkerchief, lipstick and other miscellaneous items comes in handy.

Bridal wrap:


When the temperature drops, a bridal wrap comes to the rescue. It is a cute gift that sends out a message that you care for her. Designer bridal wraps double up as fashion statements.


Ending your special day with a fireworks display is the feast to the eyes. You both would be dead tired by evening and just when she is about to call it a day, surprise her with an unexpected fireworks show.

Gifts exclusive for him:

Customized handkerchief:


Happy tears are a common sight during wedding. Ditch the tissues and instead hand him a customized handkerchief with a cheesy message to lighten the moment.

Tie patch:

Customize a tie patch with a sweet message and gift it to him on the morning of the wedding. Let him flaunt it wearing his wearing outfit.

Tie clip:

A handwriting tie clip is more subtle than tie patch and makes an ideal gift for grooms who wouldn’t like wearing flashy accessories on their outfit. The clip is sparkly and measures just 2 inches by ¼ inch.


Consider engraving cufflinks with your wedding date, initials, or coordinates of your favorite location. Cufflinks are usually available in stainless steel, rose gold and yellow gold colors. There are options to include any typography in your own handwriting to make it more personalized.


Sing his favorite song on your wedding. You could also write compose your own song and make a surprise performance when he least expects it.

You don’t always have to look for stuff that is just wedding-oriented. There are several practical gifts which your partner would enjoy. You can purchase something that goes well in your new home or gift experiences like an adventure sport. Crafty people can make DIY gifts.



What’s more relaxing than a couple spa package? It is time for some pampering. Plan a getaway in a nearby resort and indulge in a couple spa. Massage therapy positively impacts hormone levels in body thus increasing the intimacy with your partner.


By now you’d have a fair idea of the kind of shoes your guy likes. Spoil him with a pair of trendy loafers that would last for years to come. Shoes are a practical choice of gift and a good alternative to perfumes

Jewelry travel case:

Women love jewelry organizers. A cute personalized jewelry case to carry her jewels would definitely impress her. It would be useful to organize her jewels for travel.

Ring holder:

A ring holder to place by her beds stand to store her rings safely during the night would make it easy for her to look up for her every morning without hassles.

Echo dot:

Technology never fails to impress us. This trending voice assistant makes your life much easier. You can get Alexa to make calls, spell out a recipe, find out the best restaurants in your locality, make shopping lists etc.

Gift certificate:

If both are adventure lovers they can purchase a gift certificate for any sort of adventure sports like flying lessons. Learning something together helps both bond with each other apart from being so much fun.
You don’t always need an occasion to gift your partner. Surprising your partner with gifts and make them feel loved. These thoughtful gift options make your wedding day extra special.

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