Is it Normal to Use Adult Toys in Relationships

Our private life can have many potential problems, and since some of them are of personal nature, it is not always easy to solve them. A lot of people are questioning is what they are doing a common thing, or are they doing it the right way? When it comes to matters of the sexual sphere, for example, using toys for adults, a lot of people become unnecessarily shy. As it is often the case, it would be best for people to be more open about this and talk freely about this topic. Unfortunately, because of influences from society, there isn’t enough conversation about this subject. Education that is available in schools covers some basics, but they don’t really touch this issue. With all that in mind, no one should actually be surprised there is a stigma surrounding the usage of adult toys. Because of this stigma, there is a question that is asked. Is it normal to use adult toys in relationships? If you already think that is normal, maybe you should give a visit to Lovify, there might be something there for everyone. But if someone is still unsure, then let us try to give a good answer around is using adult toys normal and how you should approach this problem.


One of the main reasons why people are concerned about using sex toys is a fear they have that it will destroy what they already have with their partner. While it is hard to answer something like this since every relationship is different, but generally speaking, these worries are a misconception. In the vast majority of cases, there is no danger for your relationship as long as you follow some simple rules. And don’t fret at all, because we will tell you all about them. Although it can all be summarized with one word, and that word is communication. Furthermore, it should also be clear that this is not a miracle cure to help a relationship with problems. That is not something that will make you a better companion. What it will accomplish is give a new experience for both of you. And sometimes, new experiences can help us out too. We just shouldn’t be counting on it. But what should be more certain is that they should improve your sex life. After all, there are many studies that have researched this, and this is their conclusion. We think that no one is that surprised that sex toys lead to better sex.

Once we come to the conclusion that using toys in a relationship is normal, we reach the next question in line. How do I tell my significant other that I would like to use toys for adults? Remember when we told you that answer to every problem is in communication? That is what we meant. Being honest and expressing what is on our minds is vital. And remember, there is nothing wrong with negotiating and starting smaller or just different from what you wanted. That is about both of you, and it is crucial for both of you to be comfortable.


Now, while adding sex toys into your life can have many beneficial effects, there is still a question of how to implement them exactly. One of the most common mistakes, is trying to pull a surprise on their partner, even with those who previously mentioned using them to their partner. There are two ways we can surprise our partner. And both are bad, although one is worse. The worse one is not even mentioning it to them during sex, just using the sex toy while they are not watching. While maybe rare, this is a huge mistake some people make. Just because you mentioned you wanted to use something doesn’t mean that you can use it without confirmation at that moment. A less bad but still not good way is to bring out the toy without the partner knowing that we planned to use it on that occasion. Something like this could put them on the spot, and they might go with it, so they don’t disappoint us, even if they are not in the mood for experimentation. It would be for the best that the beginning of this adventure is slow and that both of you are aware of when and how it will happen. Once the journey has started, however, who knows where it will end.

Last but not least, we need to take into consideration the issue of safety. It should come as no surprise to anyone that not every toy is equally good. Some of them have materials that are simply used but not good enough and therefore not safe enough. Some might have harmful chemicals on them. Others might attract bacteria. Speaking of which, you should keep in mind that adult toys require more cleaning than those we used as kids. But even if they are made from quality material, we all have different tastes and sensitivities. Some might enjoy a particular material, but for others, it might be different. And since this is all about experimentation anyway, don’t be afraid to try out different toys made of different materials. That is the only way that the purposes of this adventure can be accomplished. We are talking about having fun, becoming closer to our partner, and maybe learning something new about our own bodies.


Final thoughts

As we have seen, using adult toys in a relationship is completely normal. With that said, there are correct ways to approach this adventure, and there are wrong ones. And by bad choices, we are not talking about picking the wrong toy, don’t worry about that. Whatever you choose is good, as long as both you and your partner are fine with it and find pleasure in it. And that is the most important thing in the end. Communication with our partner is key, and that will be the difference between us having a pleasant experience with experimentation and having an experience that we would most likely like to forget.

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