How to Wear a Wallet Chain like a Real Biker – 2024 Guide

We are close to the end of the very tough year 2024 was everything we could not imagine and would have never desired. But we are not animals, we are proud members of modern civilization, and there is no necessity to abandon fashion sense because pandemic is upon us. Men’s fashion items have always been significant in how we present ourselves, but they’re never were that many accessories. Ties are remarkable but are not going with everything. Hats can make a difference in style, but like ties, don’t go with biker life. What is possible to pull off on a bike, and can bring something extra on your outfit, are wallet chains. Many are not aware of how cool and useful these can be, but we are going to attempt to reveal to you exactly that.


So what is a wallet chain? Imagine several rings of various sizes with a hook on every edge. Therefore, you can easily secure your wallet to your belt. To a biker, this particular item can be vital. Not only is it tremendously popular in biker culture, but it can also aid in restraining your wallet while you are driving. If you have ever lost a wallet outdoors or you have a concern that it could happen, this is the answer you wanted. You could have seen an increase in their popularity a while back, when celebrities, mostly musicians, have used them as an integral part of their image. So you are worried about where you can find something that is precisely fitting your style? No need. There are diverse types of wallet chains out there. So maybe check this collection, something will surely catch your eye.

Sometimes when you see an item, and you know it is perfect for you. But if you are not one of those lucky ones, how do you pick a good wallet chain? There are a few criteria you can assess them. Let’s start with length since size matters. There are numerous sizes to these chains, from some that seem too small to some that are just extravagant. But people vary and so do their tastes, so find what suits you best. If you are a tall, muscular guy, perhaps go with a more majestic chain. But maybe you are a bit shorter person, so a smaller one will harmonize you better. Mid one is always a safe bet, and they will all serve their purpose equally well.


Similar to size is thickness. Again, a different man might find different thickness engaging. Of course, it is always a good esthetic to match the length and thickness. A short and thick chain can look good, but it is harder to pull off. Bigger and thinner chains are deemed sophisticated by many, but you should know how to pair them with the rest of your outfit. If you want to keep it simple, keep it perfectly balanced, as it should be. One thing you should note, however, is that chain durability can change due to these factors. Long and thin will break more easily than others, while short and thick will be superior.

Last but not least is material. When we envision a wallet chain on a biker, we tend to think about chromed chains. While this is an icon of the sort, we should remember that chains come in a variety of materials. Possibly the best option is stainless steel. Since it is an essentially indestructible substance, its durability is never questioned. Being resistant to rusting is another great perk, as it will be as fabulous after years of use as on the very first day. It can be pretty heavy, but not too much. A bit more pricey alternative would be silver. Not many metals can achieve that elegance, and it goes well with most of the colors that are popular for bikes too. Durability is wholly satisfying as well, and cleaning is never a problem. The more affordable choice would be Brass. Brass is also lighter than most other options, and you can get it in a mixture of colors. Price is smaller because durability is less formidable, comparing to competition at least. Lastly, we have designer chains. Sometimes they are made of leather or some other material. Were they made with the road in mind? Not really, so keep that in mind.


So you have picked the perfect one. Luckily, wearing one is very easy. You join the first part of the chain to, let’s say, your wallet. It is common for wallets to have a clasp you can use for this purpose exactly. If there is not a clasp, they probably have some other chain hole or key-strings. So you essentially do the same thing as with your keys. Then, for access reasons, put your wallet in your back pocket on the corresponding side of your pants. That will make reaching for your wallet much more comfortable. Going with the side of your dominant hand is a good tip, but you do you. Now, the other part of the chain you should connect to the front belt loop of your pants.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about wallet chains. On the other hand, they come in such variety that everyone can find what is best for them and their style. Furthermore, they are not that expensive, so you could have a few of them, for different trips, depending you are going somewhere for work or pleasure. But they are not only an accessory. Chains serve a purpose. Anyone who has lost a wallet with their ID and money knows that pain. It is the truth that we can never be too cautious when it comes to cash and notable documents. With a wallet chain, this is something you will not have to worry about yourself. And in the year 2024, we all deserve to catch a little break and look sharp at the same time.

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