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Wentworth Miller Net Worth 2024

British actor Wentworth Miller career broke out in the American hit series Prison Break on Fox. The high rated show hade an enormous fan base leading producers to pay the leading man $1 million per season. The actor made appearances in Mariah Carey’s music video’s It’s Like That and We Belong Together which became the biggest selling single of the decade. After Prison Break’s finale season Miller went on guest starring in Law & Order, Young Justice and House M.D. He is currently working on the film The Loft. The British actor, 41, made the revelation in a letter he sent on Wednesday to Russia’s St. Petersburg International Film Festival that he was gay. The letter was posted on GlAAD website. In 2013 his net worth is $5 million.

Wentworth was born in England but raised in Brooklyn New York. As a child he dreamed of being an actor and was cast in several school plays. Miller academically excelled in school getting accepted into Princeton to study English Literature. After graduating he moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and got his first job in the developmental department of a movie production company. After work he would attend auditions and casting calls. His first gigs were all as extras until he was called by the producers of Buffy The Vampire Slayer who gave him a guest role. Miller went on to make numerous television appearances before becoming a household name in Fox’s high rated series Prison Break.

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