What Kinds Of Masks Should I Buy During COVID-19?

A variety of masks are currently doing rounds on the market. Some are basic, others are standard, while others are made of the highest quality possible. Depending on how far you are willing to go for your safety, investing in a good-quality mask is not negotiable.

KN95 mask is your best bet on quality and maximum protection. Other types of masks serve the designated purpose of protection against the virus. When it comes to effectiveness, the KN95 ones for sale are what you should look for.

For a mask to serve you as correctly as it should, there are several rules and guidelines that you should follow while handling them. Visit site to learn more about buying the right mask for you.

Rules of Wearing Masks

Many people have tested positive for the virus, yet they were wearing their masks the whole time. What could have gone wrong?

Check The Permeability Of The Mask.


For a mask to be effective in protecting you from viruses and other infections, its pores must have a permeability that allows air in it for you to inhale and exhale but not too big to allow particles the size of viruses to pass through.

KN95 masks are perfect with this quality. They are protective against 95% of these particles and droplets. Viruses don’t stand a chance of penetration into the dual-layered fiber material.

The Size of the Mask

The best preventive mask has to be fitting. If it is too big, some spaces will be left on the sides or above your nose. Those spaces are enough for the viruses to enter through.

A mask that is too small leaves some parts uncovered. This is dangerous because the viruses can cling to those parts and find their way into your system. Small masks are tight and uncomfortable. They will limit your breathing, leading to suffocation.

To avoid these issues, get yourself a pack of KN95 ones available for sale online or in a store near you. They are made to fit any size of the face because the loops are elastic and stretchy.
If your face is small, the loops will stretch to the required size until they are hooked to your ears.

For a big-sized face, it stretches more to cover the distance to your ears, leaving no space in between.

Wear The Mask Correctly.


A mask must be worn correctly to offer you full protection. It should cover your chin, face, and mouth. You should leave no space either above the nose, below the mouth, or on the sides.
The KN95 one is fitted with a comfortable wire on the upper side above your nose. It is made to offer both comfort and protection. The wire keeps it in check to avoid sliding below the nose and facilitating the coronavirus’s penetration.

Discard Non-Reusable Mask

Don’t be tempted to wear a non-recyclable one twice. Once it’s damp, throw it away and wear a clean and dry one. The KN95 ones are packed in large numbers, and you can purchase as many as you want for your needs.

Clean Reusable Mask


Some masks can be worn more than once before they wear out and replaced. The catch, however, is that they have to be washed after every use.

Washable ones are cleaned regularly to lower the chances of penetrating any viruses that could be clinging onto them. Water and detergent work fine for the job. You can decide to spray it with sanitizer after it’s dry and ready to be worn again.

Regular cleaning reduces its effectiveness, meaning that it can’t be worn more than 3 or 4 times and offer the same protection as it did the first time.

The Best Masks to Buy During COVID-19

If you are wondering about the most suitable masks to purchase during this pandemic, below is a list of factors to consider. These factors will guide you through buying highly protective and medically fit masks to offer you safety against the virus.

  • Price- Some masks are sold at high prices, yet their quality doesn’t match the price. For reusable ones, getting those that are both high quality and pocket friendly is a good bargain. Considering that most of them are non-reusable, buying one expensively every time might break your bank.
  • Material- Is it made of high-quality double-layered fiber? Buy it. You should consider the material used to manufacture them because it is the most significant determinant of how filtration of particles will take place in and out of it.
    Some materials have pores that are too closely knit to allow air to pass through them. This may cause suffocation and other respiratory issues, leading to worse situations.
  • Color- A good mask should be able to blend in with most colors of your clothes. Besides protecting ourselves from the virus, we are also trying to live, and a little color does not harm. If variety is not available to choose from, a white mask can match with different shades of clothes and other fashion statements.

Why Should I Buy the KN95 Mask?


Notably, the KN95 has the best qualities among the ones listed. It is a perfect fit for any face size, and it offers full cover and protection.

  • These masks are made of heat-resistant material.
  • It is reusable and easy to clean.
  • Any particles and droplets above 0.3 microns are unable to pass through it. This includes the coronavirus.
  • It has 95% filtration ability.
  • The masks are readily available for sale.
  • They are affordable, and you can purchase them in large packages.
  • The straps are designed like loops. They are elastic and easy to hook to the ears.

Beware of fake KN95 masks in the market. Always be on the lookout for the TC number and NIOSH markings. Quality masks offer quality protection.

Washing the mask after wearing it reduces the risk of contracting the virus. Once it’s too worn out to undergo more washing, discard it and get a new one.

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