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Rose Burgundy Net Worth 2024

On the season 4 premiere of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, viewers were a bit shocked to see Hazel E’s new man. Rose Burgundy is his name and the LHHH star claims he is a rapper. The newest cast mate is only 18 years old. And according to word on the street Hazel hired him to be her boyfriend.

Our sources say Rose was born Keith Jones in Los Angeles California. Although the show list his occupation as rapper, he doesn’t actually do that. There is not 1 soundcloud, youtube channel, mixtape, album or anything credited to Rose Burgandy. Our sources say he was just a dope boy before being cast as Hazel’s boyfriend. Outside of all her drama with former friends Teirra Mari and Masika Kalysha, Hazel didn’t want to be single this season.

She apparently found someone with absolutely NO notoriety so she could mold him. She created his name Rose Burgundy and started his instagram account. The past month she’s been show boating him on the gram. We are also told the young man is being paid $5,000 per episode. Hazel worked out his contract with VH1. The more we see these two I can assure more and more will be revealed.

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