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Adrene Ashford Net Worth 2024

Adrene Ashford is the star of VH1’s newest reality series Sorority Sisters. The show follows a group of female friends who became close in college. The ladies were part of the same sorority and remain sisters more than 10 years after graduating. Adrene is the youngest and newest soro. She pledged just a few years ago and the older women have some hesitation towards accepting her and letting her in. There is also heated competition within the group of sisters.

Adrene Ashford was born in Los Angeles and went to school at Clark Atlanta University. With her family being almost 3,000 miles away it was a struggle for Adrene financially. Her mom had invested in her education but unfortunately after her sophomore year she had trouble with paying for school. She called her mom asking for more but that drew great disappointment. She told Adrene that she would not help her because she got into the financial slump because her priorities were out of wack. Ashford’s love of clothes got her into debt after she spent her refund check on shopping. Her apartment was filled with brand new clothes that were never worn and credit card bills.

That summer Adrene threw fashion parties in her tiny apartment and sold her unworn clothes. By the end of the semester she had enough to pay for classes. Adrene took her love of clothes from being a burden to a hustle. She began doing costume design for independent movies and a made television film “Love the One You’re With” in 2014. Adrene began contemplating finishing school to get her law degree with her money or investing in her new found creativity. She opened her first shop in East Atlanta selling her own designs called “Pieces of Adrene”.

She later moved into a trendier location in Castleberry Hill in Atlanta and opened House of Adrene.

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