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Aviva Drescher Net Worth 2024

  • Birthday: November 17, 1972. Aviva’s age is 48 years old but her own site list her birthday in 1970. She is a Scorpio.
  • Birthplace: New York, NY
  • Husband: Reid Drescher
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree Vasser College, Masters Degree in French from New York University, JD from Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law.
  • Occupation: Housewife, Reality TV Star
  • Net Worth: $15 million

After 5 seasons of the wildly popular Real Housewives of New York City, Bravo decides to actually add a cast member that was born and raised in the city. WOW! Also strange is Aviva Drescher is not just housewife spending her husband’s cash but she’s also extremely smart and has an impressive educational background as well. She used her degrees to write books, become a philanthropist and a mother to four children. Aviva definitely has it all. She even pulls at the viewers heart strings with her prosthetic leg that she got from a farming accident as a child. With so many layers Aviva Drescher might actually be the best and most real woman on the Real Housewives of New York City.

Aviva was born and raised in Manhattan, the upper east side to be exact. She comes from a wealthy family who took pride in education and passed it on to their daughter. Aviva graduated from high school with an impressive 3.9 GPA earning a partial scholarship to Vasser College where she studied English. As a teen she had dreams of becoming a writer. She later realized her dreams when she published her first book “Leggy Blonde.”

Aviva memoir’s title ‘Leggy Blonde” is a play on her prosthetic leg. The tall blonde bombshell had a severe accident as a kid on a farm. The accident resulted in Aviva having her leg amputated. But the incident didn’t seem to hold her back or make her feel like she had any disadvantage. Excelling in academics all her life, she earned a Master’s Degree at NYU and later her law degree after 2 years at Benjamin N Cardozo. Aviva wanted it all and pursued every dream she had.


Aviva was married to Harry Dubin a real estate banker in New York City. His net worth is estimated at $15 million. The couple had two children but the relationship had no substance and failed due to his infidelities. It was announced on an episode of Real Housewives of New York at cast member LuAnn had slept with him as well. But who hasn’t the Count slept with?

Aviva moved on and met her current husband Reid Drescher in the aisle of a supermarket. From the beginning her two children, from her previous marriage to Harry, took a liking to Reid early on. They eventually married and had two children together. Aviva prides herself in being a housewife but has many endeavors of her own.

She is developing a series of pharmaceuticals, primarily vitamins. Her first launch is an over the counter anti depressant. Aviva is also heavily involved in philanthropy. Her accident as a child lead her to become the spokesperson for the One Step Ahead, an organization for amputees. She also works with Cancer Schmancer/Trash Cancer. Her philanthropic ventures and educational background give her more depth than the other cast members.

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