Boris Cumbo Net Worth and Car Collection 2024

The Internet spawned many celebrities. Nowadays, it is easier to get the exposure one needs in order to become rich and with a little bit of work online, you can get what you want. Boris Cumbo is no exception. The emerging Bosnian from Brchak is unfamiliar to wider celebrity circles but he is slowly getting there. Slowly. He currently helps other build or expand their online empire.


Net Worth

Ever since he’s started cooperating with DJ Vujo on multiple online ventures, Cumbo’s net worth decreased significantly. It is safe to say that he’s chasing the average country pay but considers that his starting goal, which only shows his ambitious side.

On the other hand, DJ Vujo’s revenue sky-rocketed. Ever since he brought Cumbo to his team, he’s managed to branch out his business, but not thanks to Cumbo’s expertise but to DJ Vujo’s ability to negotiate a salary and underpay him.

Still the celebrity status is what matters to Boris and you cannot put a price to that. As for his net worth, we will wait for a few years before we announce it publically.

Car Collection

Speaking of the car collection…it is hard to call it collection. There’s only one car in his ownership and it appears that it will stay like that for a while. Mr. Cumbo visits the Belgrade Car Show regularly but only to admire the new models Alfa Romeo presents. When approached by company dealers, he proudly says that he’s “just looking” and that he is a proud Peugeot owner.

2003 Peugeot 307

The used 307 cannot be considered one of the top dogs in the car industry. It is a small family car the French manufacturer has built for the first time in 2001, following the production of 306. The model Cumbo owns is quite dilapidated and almost always covered in mud. Often, Boris is seen staring under the hood, scratching his head with his pointer, wondering what went wrong this time.

2018 Peugeot 2008

Recently this perspective and young person added new beast in his collection. He proceed with buying Peugeot, which he like to call Zotica, and show once again that old saying , which goes “once you try Zota you drive the Zota” is true. This new SUV, which this mister have, is something which attract attention instantly, and the car which will, even the lovers of Alfa Romeo, popularly known as junk car lovers, leave without breathe.

Car Collection Wishlist

However, Cumbo is a fighter. Near his office PC, he keeps a wish list of the top 5 cars he would like to drive. It comes to no surprise that all the four-wheelers come from the Alfa Romeo family. Deep down in his heart, he is a true admirer of the Italian manufacturer, although he remains loyal to the French.

Alfa Romeo 147

The first vehicle on the list is the Alfa Romeo 147. The perky hatchback is the one of the first Alfas Cumbo wished for. This model may not be one the finest AR has to offer, yet its exterior and interior design are beautiful while handling is fun as well.

Under the hood, Alfa offers a variety of engine choices, yet the best one is 1.9 JTD producing 150 horsepower.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The new Giulia is a true masterpiece that puts this car manufacturer among the top dogs in the segment. We have to be honest. This car is probably on everyone’s wish list and not only Cumbo’s. The seductive design is what makes the car appealing, but the Italians gifted this vehicle with crisp driving dynamics for all models in the range.

The pricing for the entry-level starts at $40,640, while the top-dog Ti Sport reaches the price of $45,640. Of course, it comes with much more equipment and features.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

In the world of creating spacious and comfortable vehicles, where carmakers pay attention to long-term reliability and fuel efficiency, Alfa Romeo decided to take a bold step forward.

The new Stelvio crossover is a true masterpiece and it can get you pumped when you hit that gas pedal. The courageous move by Alfa pays off as they have a great-looking vehicle in the range that can easily compete against the German and the Japanese competitors. Just like it is the case with Giulia, the Stelvio comes in different varieties, but the bottom trim costs $42,640.

The reason for the Stelvio being on Cumbo’s wish list is conquering the Bosnian heavy terrain and muddy roads. Also, driving on the highways riddled with holes through the region requires something more powerful than a hatch.

Alfa Romeo 8C

The 8C is something Boris’ imaginative garage cannot go without. Often, he’s thinking about driving on a sunny day with the top down, instead of breathing in the heavy air inside his Peugeot due to the inability to open all windows and engine fumes getting inside the car. Loud music from the progressive thrash metal band Alitor would sound much better blasting from the 8C sound system!

The top speed of the 8C is a bit over 180 mph but the Ferrari-derived V8 is what makes this car a beast. It delivers 444 horsepower and you can truly feel it when driving.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Last but not least, the Giulietta is a vehicle that always improves, but it remains constant on the Cumbo’s wish list. With the sporty look and amazing features inside the cabin as well as a beautiful steering wheel, this model has a unique sense for the driver.


And there you have it. Boris Cumbo is truly an amazing and inspiring person and there is no doubt that in the future, he will increase his car collection as well as his net worth!

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