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Bruno Mars Net Worth 2024

At 28 years old singer songwriter Bruno Mars will be performing on the biggest stage in the world. With a viewership of 108.4 million in 2013 the Super Bowl in 2014 is expected to rack in over 115 million. With such anticipated hype Bruno’s pay for the 15 minute performance could be $2 million. But Bruno Mars has also received an added $4 million for Pepsi to use his discography in their commercials leading up to the event. Last year Forbes named him number 1 on their 30 under 30 list which ranks celebrities by their influence, success and earnings. He can expect to won that list in 2014 again. If selling 10 million albums and 58 million singles weren’t enough Bruno Mars can say he’s done it all. The Hawaiian rock star made his debut just 3 years ago and Time has named him one of their most influential people.

Only one week before the performance of a lifetime Bruno Mars was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards. His sophomore album Unorthodox jukebox was 2013’s fifth best selling album of the year. His eclectic mix of different genres of music like pop, reggae, R&B, jazz, and folk have garnered him much critical praise. Bruno’s ear for music is prevalent in his award winning number 1 singles “When I Was Your Man”, “Grenade” and “Just The Way You Are”. It might explain why artist like Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Beyonce, B.O.B., Sugababes, Sean kingston, Adam Levine, and countless others have come to him for hits.

Bruno also has a strong influence on social media with over 17 million twitter followers.

Peter Gene Hernandez was born in Honolulu. His ethnicity is a melting pot of cultures. Bruno’s father is Jewish and Puerto Rican and his mother is Filipino. His parents surrounded Peter and his six siblings with music growing up. His mother was a hulu dancer and his father played percussion, piano and the guitar. He cites his musical influences growing up as the Isley Brothers, Temptations and Prince. As a child Peter was given the name Bruno because of his resemblance to professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino.

Today Bruno is giving back to his family helping his sisters with their musical career. His 5 sisters are in a group called “LYLAS” which stands for Love You Like A Sister. They also have their own series on WE TV.

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