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Bryan Cranston Net Worth 2023

Bryan Cranston is an undeniable talent with the most pivotal role of his entire career as Walter White in AMC drama Breaking Bad. In it’s final season Cranston earns $225,000 per episode bringing his total net worth to $14 million. For his role he’s been a Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe fixture. He’s also won several Critic’s Choice Awards and SAG Awards. Bryan’s body of work spans over 20 years in entertainment taking on some modern television’s most memorable roles.

For 7 season he made millions of viewers laugh their a**es off as the awkward father Hal on Malcom in The Middle. When the show premiered in 2000 it debuted with over 23 million viewers. Malcom In the Middle was the 8th most watched show on television during season 1. in the ratings for all television series. Bryan Cranston received three Emmy nominations for his performance as Hal. Bryan played such an intricate part of the series’ development that he was allowed to direct several episodes. He was earning $100,000 per episode earning a salary of $2.2 million.

Bryan was destined to be a great actor. His father was actor Joe Cranston who starred on “Dragnet” in the 1950’s and his uncle Kyle was also a television actor. Cransotn was born in Canoga Park in California. As a teen he never considered acting. He traveled the US for two years before going to college on his motorcycle with a group of friends. Once he decided to go to college he chose to become a police officer. One little known fact is Cranston was an ordained minister to pay for his college tuition. His acting career began shortly after college in the 1980’s when he starred on the One Life to Live as Dean Stella. He continued being cast in small roles on television series and tv movies including L.A. Law, Matlock, Touched By an Angel, Murder She Wrote and Walker Texas Ranger. In 1994 Cranston was given a longer acting stint on one of the 90’s most recognizable television series Seinfield. He played Tim Whatley, one of Jerry’s acquaintances. His character is a dentist who runs an “adult only” dentistry with soft-core pornographic magazines are the Periodicals.

Bryan Cranston’s voice is also recognizable. The Breaking Bad star has done voice overs for “The Cleveland Show” ,”The Simpsons”, “Madagascar 3″ and “King Fu Panda 3″ currently in post production.

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