5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Cannabis Seeds in 2024

Hemp seed is just one example of the perfection of nature. Different types of seeds contain unique genetics. Therefore, the choice of quality and stable seeds is a very important thing. However, those who grow this plant, very often tend to make some beginner mistakes. Therefore, we will point out 5 common mistakes to avoid when buying cannabis seeds.

Seed: The Beginning of Everything


No plant thrives without seeds, so cannabis is no exception. How to get them? There are many ways, but fortunately – today, everything is much easier. The seeds can be ordered online in various seed shops. Fortunately, owning and selling seeds is legal in most American states as well as in many European countries. And thanks to postal secrecy and duty-free control – there are usually no problems with shipping. Here you can choose between two types: Sativa and Indica. Meanwhile, there are crosses of both types – so there is something for every taste. Sativa tends to grow tall, while Indica grows quite compact and bushy. There is also another species, Ruderalis – but it is incomparable to Indica and Sativa. It contains less of cannabinoids – and is actually much more similar to ordinary industrial hemp.

Different Genetics Brings Different Characteristics

Just like all other plants, cannabis is every seed of an individual. This means that it carries various genes – that manifest during the life cycle of the plant. Each of the species has its own different characteristics. We can only notice them when consuming a flower. For example, Indica relaxes and puts you to sleep – so it is recommended to consume it in the evening and in your free time. On the other hand, Sativa excites, gives an uplifting feeling – and is mostly designed for daily use.

What To Look For When Buying Cannabis Seeds?


If you have decided to buy seeds and start growing – you need to pay attention to certain things that are important for a successful yield. First of all, you need to take care that, like any beginner – you do not fall into the trap of typical mistakes. That is why we are here to help you with some practical tips. Here are 5 things to look for when buying cannabis seeds.

1.    Purpose Of Breeding

When purchasing cannabis seeds, it is necessary to pay attention to the purpose of cultivation and what characteristics we expect – to finally choose the type and type of seed. Also, the conditions you can provide are very important so that we can use and extract the greatest possible potential of this plant.

2.    Hemp Seed Types – What to Choose?


When we have decided on a certain type of hemp that we will grow – we should also decide on the type of seed. The difference between seed types is large – so one should pay attention to the essential differences between them. We distinguish 3 types of seeds.

  • Regular hemp seed
  • Feminized hemp seed
  • Autoflowering hemp seeds

Since only female plants are suitable for consumption – it is always recommended to buy feminized cannabis seeds. According to, feminized seeds remain 95-99% of the female plant – so you are guaranteed to get plants that you can actually consume later.

3.    Availability Of Cannabis Seeds

Today, different seed variants are available and the manufacturers state all the characteristics in the product description. First of all, the most important thing is to be informed and choose quality seeds – and further gain experience and knowledge that will make it easier for you to understand the entire life cycle and cultivation of cannabis. Nowadays, the availability of quality hemp seeds is large and varied. Therefore, it is recommended to study the basics – and thus narrow down the choice. That way, you can find something of quality for the ultimate needs and purpose of breeding.

4.    You Must Have A Reliable Seed Supplier


When buying, you should pay attention to the proper quality of seeds. You need to make sure your cannabis seeds have good genes. Seeds with poor genetics can cause a lot of problems – for example, they create hermaphrodites or grow sparsely. Bad genes can lead to mutations, flowering disorders, poor germination – and many other unpredictable problems. Therefore, your cannabis seeds must come from a reputable supplier.

5.    Yield And Harvest

Some strains of cannabis naturally create thick and with large heads – while others simply cannot achieve this. It can easily be that a plant with good Indika genes will yield more than twice than the plant with the Sativa gene. This, for example, makes such strains very attractive to commercial growers. If you want to grow cannabis for commercial purposes – the quantity and quality are most important to you in business. For hobby growers who grow only for their own use, it is usually the other way around – and for them, the high-effect is of primary importance.

Plus Tips  For Successful Breeding

Every grower wants a good yield and accordingly nurtures the plants regularly. However, in this sense, we are very often prone to make some beginner mistakes, so try to avoid these pitfalls.


●      Too Much Attention

If you have just taken the first steps in cannabis cultivation, you may fall into the trap of paying too much attention to them. Observing your plants and understanding their needs is key to a successful crop. However, a common beginner’s mistake is, for example, to believe that they will develop faster if you give them a lot of nutrients. This usually leads to overfeeding and stress to the plants. So relax, learn to understand your plants, and give them what they need – no less and no more.

●      Insufficient Watering

It is known that these plants like moisture, but moderately. Try to keep the humidity under control – and pay attention that the plant doesn’t show obvious symptoms of thirst. If your cannabis plant dries out too much during the early stages of growth – it will later develop additional problems, especially at the roots.

●      Excessive Watering

Avoid watering the plants with excessive, too frequent watering – and give the plant time to breathe between waterings. Too much water and too much food is not a good idea. Many more cannabis stalks are lost due to excessive protection and attention – than due to a little hesitation.

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