7 The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying Lingerie For Your Girlfriend

There are many products that you can choose as a gift for your girlfriend. However, if you are looking for something more personal that you can use as a way to express that you have a special bond and intimacy, buying lingerie can be a great choice. What makes this gift special is the fact that couples that are not together for a longer time would rarely decide to go with it. On the other side, choosing the right thing should not be a problem. You can find many premium brands, like some of the options here.

Still, the fact is that most men don’t have much experience in choosing women’s lingerie. Therefore, keep in mind that there is a lot of room for mistakes. In that matter, here are some things to choose and avoid when buying women’s lingerie.

1. Avoid Buying It According to Your Preferences


We understand that a lot of men might find it funny when they are looking for this type of product. Since the market is huge today, there will be all kinds of lingerie with pictures, logos, and various themes. However, you can make a lot of mistakes here. Be sure to focus on the preferences of your lady instead of going for something entertaining.

For example, there is lingerie with a logo of your favorite football club, car brand, or movie character. Even though you might find it interesting, keep in mind that this product can only end up on your wall, while your girl surely won’t wear it. An even bigger issue is that you are risking that she might get annoyed with it, which could end in conflict. In that matter, if you are looking for a present for some special occasion, be sure to choose something that she will like.

2. Avoid Guessing the Size

Buying the wrong size is another huge mistake that you could make, especially if you choose a bigger model. Even if it is only a half-size bigger, your girlfriend might get insulted. We are aware that you probably don’t know the measures and numbers of lingerie. In that matter, be sure to check the size before buying. The easiest solution is to bring some of her models and compare with the products in the store. The stuff can always help you as well.

3. Never Try to Save Money


As we already mentioned, the selection of clothes and lingerie is huge, especially when it comes to online stores. You will find a lot of them for incredibly cheap prices. However, be aware that a $1 item surely doesn’t have even decent quality. Also, women are known for their experience and knowledge when it comes to clothes and brands.

Therefore, if you buy something very cheap, she will certainly know it. Trying to save money when buying a present for some special occasion is never a good sign. We are not saying that you should spend a fortune on it, but at least check some popular brands and buy a high-quality one.

4. Experimenting Can be Risky

It all depends on the quality of your relationship and how close you are to each other. We mentioned that you should avoid buying things according to your preferences, but there might be a case where women might find it funny as well. That is all individual. If you are having a long-lasting relationship and you are open to each other, and always prepared to have some funny experiments, you can choose edible lingerie, which can be a great way to make things more interesting in the bedroom.

5. Focus on Her Style


If you are not sure what to get, try to focus on what she prefers to wear most of the time. There is still space for something special. You can choose some unique color or design, but be sure to make it suitable with her preferences.

The most important factors here can be material, size, design, outline, model, and more. In case that you are having trouble with choosing something unique that your girl doesn’t already have, maybe the best option is to go with the models that she is already wearing. She will most certainly appreciate that.

6. Remember That It is a Gift

You are not buying only lingerie. You can do that on any other day. If you are buying a present, there are different things to make it appear special. You can buy something that will make her appear more attractive, or more comfortable while wearing it. The brand is always important. Also, you should pack it in a nice box. There are plenty of additional options as well, such as adding flowers in the same package, chocolate, and more.

7. Ask for Assistance


Those who find it challenging when it comes to choosing lingerie should know that there is no reason to hide it from friends. The perfect situation is if you have a female friend or a colleague that can help you with selection. This is a common option for a gift, a people with previous experience could be of great help.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing here is confidence, especially if this is the first time that you are planning to buy something personal as underwear. There is a symbolic of such a gift, which resembles that you are now in a strong bond with each other, and prepared to share much more, especially in terms of intimacy.

Also, focus on the things your girl likes, such as the design and color. We recommend you avoid online stores if you are not sure whether the brand is known. On the other hand, ordering online is a great option if you are sure about the size and appearance. The way of your approach and how you will hand the gift is also important. Since this is more personal, be sure to prepare a good atmosphere like a romantic dinner at home.

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