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Carlton Gebbia Net Worth 2024

Carlton Gebbia is the newest addition to the Real Housewives franchise. She got on the series because she and Kyle Richards became friends. The Beverly Hills Chambers of Congress through a party at Kyle’s home and Carlton and Joyce were invited because of their husband’s careers. That’s where she met Kyle and became friends. So far she seems like this most interesting and deserves her own Wikipedia page. I’ll explain. Carlton was a little known actress in Hollywood and goes by several alias during her career. It wasn’t because of her marriage but because she wanted to hide her past from Hollywood casting directors. She began her acting career in softcore for networks like Cinemax after dark and some straight to video films. One of them was a film called the S*xperiment where she played a character who was struggling with intimacy issues with her husband. They enlist the help of a counselor who introduces them to other couples who share their stories. She did in fact share a little n*dity. She went on to land other roles which required her to keep her clothes on like a stint on The Young and the Restless, and Suddenly Susan. Scroll down for a sneak peek of Beverly Hills Housewives season 4.

Today she keeps it classy and is worth $50 million according to Celebrity Net Worth but that’s not entirely accurate. They only make that claim because of her husband’s wealth. So how does one go from a struggling B movie actress to $50 million? David Gebbia owns a financial company called StockCross Financial. It’s a discount brokerage firm with headquarters in Beverly Hills. It was established in 1971 and founded by David’s father John. David also has an older brother who is John Gebbia Jr but who is the principal of the company. The family also has their hand in several other profitable business endeavors including managing athletes and construction. Carlton actually was hired by the family in 2001 as a designer for their real estate projects. Carlton had just finished filming a low budget movie with Jamie Kennedy called Pretty When You Cry, which was the last time she took her top off for money. After just six months working for David she eventually got in his pants and the rest was history.


David and Carlton now live in a 12,800 square foot home in Beverly Hills. The house is worth $20 million according to comps listed in the area. Wow! They have three children Destiny, Mysteri and Cross. The youngest is named after the family business and he is the only boy. The family hopes he will eventually be the next heir to the family dynasty.

Carlton claims to be a wiccan. It’s a pagan religion that involves witchcraft. A lot of people would assume it’s dark magic. But the religion has more to do with spirit and energy. It’s a positive religion that worships a god and goddess. But it looks like her religion is causing some tension between the other cast members on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards has spoken that her religion is dark while the other girls have called her a witch.

Carlton’s life all began in South Africa where she was born but moved to England with her parents when she was 6 where she grew up.  She claims she’s only 39 which would mean she did her first role at 19 years old. It also means she moved to Los Angeles from London at 18 and got her first role the same year Hmmmm? It could be. But you can never trust these ages from these ladies. I will update this page as soon as I get more info about who she really is.

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