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Chris Siegfried Net Worth 2024

Born in McMinnville Oregon Chris Siegfried the 34 year old hopeless romantic has accepted the proposal of Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock. He joined the cast of season 9 in hopes of falling in love and having a lasting relationship like his parents who have been married for 30 years. Chris is not only easy on the eyes but he is extremely smart and it shows on paper. Chris graduated from University of Portland’s Entrepreneur Scholars Program, he immediately nabbed a big league job as an assistant global marketing analyst at Adidas. After college Chris he also became a relief pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. After just a few years he was dropped from the team and became a mortgage broker in Seattle Washington and he models part time.

Desiree and Chris became engaged on the shocking Bachelorette finale August 5th. Chris was the only season 9 contestant to meet the Bachelorette’s family and he asked her father for his approval of his daughter’s engagement. Desiree is currently moving to Seattle Washington to live with her new fiancee. The couple is planning an intimate wedding in the Summer.

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