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Demetria Lucas Net Worth 2024


Birthday: Age 34
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Education: University of Maryland, College Park & NYU
Nickname: Belle Woods

Blood, Sweat and Heels, Bravo’s new reality series debut January 5th to stellar ratings. The highest ratings for a debut series in the network’s 30 plus years on air. I see Black woman are making a comeback. The show debuted with over 2.5 million viewers but it could have been better seeing as though the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiere scheduled right before raked in almost 5 million viewers. But either way this might qualify Blood, Sweat and Heels for a second season. The show follows six women in NYC struggling with personal, relationship and career issues. The synopsis is similar to many other shows but this group of women bring some fresh and new.
We have to be real careful what we say about Demetria, she’s a fellow blogger.

Demetria Lucas, a 34 year old Blogger with good roots from Brooklyn shares her personal life on the series. She has an extensive resume as a journalist with an award winning blog She started the blog almost 8 years ago in June. Y’all go check it out after reading this. On her blog she discusses a wide variety of issues surrounding relationships, life, sex, friendship, careers and all. Within the first two years of her creating her site she had answered over 23,000 questions from readers who live by her advice. Apparently it’s working for a lot of people cause it pays the bills. Surprisingly almost 40% of her readers, according to, are Male. With such a positive response to her advice she decided to write a book.

Lucas published her first book of the same title in 2011. Growing her brand a number of critics took notice. Demtria received a number of accolades and recognition for what she speaks including Demetria was named one of “the Blogosphere’s Best” by Black Enterprise Magazine, selected among “30 Black Bloggers You Should Know” by The Root, picked as one of’s “40 Fierce & Fab Under 40”, and featured as “The Best of Brooklyn” by Brooklyn News 12. Home girl is working to become the Oprah of blogging. We see you Demetria.

Lucas continued expanding her brand and knowledge developing a life coaching service “Coached by Belle”. She uses the term Belle is most of her writings which led fans to name her Belle Woods. It’s become so confusing that many readers believed that Demetria was pretending to be “Belle” as she talked about in the piece from Writers Write.

As an entrepreneur she is constantly working which gives her less time for her relationship but it still seems to be working. This amazing career all started with a good a$$ education. She actually attended college with fellow cast mate, and Barack Obama fan girl, Mica Hughes, but of course at different times.

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