6 Tips And Tricks For Designing Your Own Hoodie – 2024 Guide

If someone asked you to take out the most comfortable and softest piece of clothing from the closet, it would surely be a hoodie. No garment fits so well for both men and women, regardless of body type. Whether you go jogging by the river, have coffee with friends, or simply enjoy at home with a movie and popcorn, it’s perfect in all situations. Thanks to the large number of different models that can be found on the market today, everyone can find the one that suits their taste. Guys, do you notice these pieces disappearing from your closet? Maybe you should check if they are in your girlfriend’s closet because there is no better feeling than when they get into your long and pump hoodie in which they simply disappear. These clothes can be both sports and casual at the same time, which makes it perfect for various occasions. Warm, thin, short, long, does it matter? What matters is that we have a closet full of them.

The choice of hoodies is mostly limited to what can be found in stores. Have you ever wished you could design them yourself? With the advanced printing services that exist today and adequate help like the one you can get at, this has become possible. Let your imagination run wild and make the creation you have always wanted! Here are some tricks and tips that can help you.

1. Define style


The first step when you want to find yourself in the role of a designer is to choose the style you will be guided by. This is the time to consider your desires and decide what it is that you would like to wear. Think about whether you would combine it with jeans or leggings because the model you will make will also depend on that. You will agree, the one you will wear to the cinema and the one you will run in cannot look the same.

Also, would you like to have a zipper or just pull it over your head? With the first option, you will have the opportunity to wear under a T-shirt that will be visible and thus make an interesting sports combination. But it will also be able to replace your jacket. In any case, comfort is guaranteed, whichever you choose.

2. Choose a material

You have to be aware that with a bad choice of materials, all comfort disappears. For that reason, when you start buying a fabric, make sure that it is of good quality and pleasant for your skin. Artificial and synthetic materials can cause sweating and an unpleasant odor, and you certainly don’t want that.

If you would prefer to design a hoodie for colder days, then make sure that one of the main materials in the composition is wool. Cotton is also very pleasant for the skin and is generally recommended in the textile industry. It would be best to consult with someone who has experience with fabric, to share their opinion with you.

3. Pick a color


The next step is to choose the color. Here you can let your imagination run wild and play. Use your creativity and color the hoodie the way you want. The only thing you should pay attention to is to fit in well with the picture or inscription that you will design at a later stage. The two shades of color shouldn’t be drastically different.

If your goal is to leave a strong impression with your appearance in that hoodie, choose unusual shades that everyone will turn to. But, if your goal is to show your gentle side of the personality, then yellow, pink powder and sky blue shades will be a complete hit.

4. Consider the dimensions

The size of the hoodie depends on who you intended it for. You will easily find measures if you plan to design it for yourself. But when you make it as a gift to someone else, this task becomes a little more demanding. Of course, you can’t take a centimeter and wrap it around your friend’s body. Simply pretend you need her hoodie and ask her to lend it to you. Once you take it home, you will easily measure the lengths and widths you need.

Don’t neglect this step. Otherwise, you can put a lot of effort into making everything turn out perfectly, and in the end, you will realize that the dimensions have ruined everything. We’re sure you want to avoid getting annoyed, so remember that in time.

5. Design a picture or caption


You must pay attention to the resolution when printing a photo or the desired caption. Poor quality images will result in poor printing and your dissatisfaction. You will be able to see every pixel, it will be very blurry and you won’t achieve the desired effect. In this step, it is best to seek advice from the printer. It will also direct you to all available dimensions, making it easier to define the desired print.

Keep the letters clear and legible. These can be various funny inscriptions. You can easily find creative ideas in every corner of the internet. So activate Instagram and Pinterest and make the most beautiful and interesting hoodie you have ever had.

6. Dedicate yourself to the hood

Hoods can be a very interesting detail on a hoodie. They can indeed be completely imperceptible and serve exclusively for protection from rain, but if a little attention is paid to it, a totally cool style can be achieved. what’s more, you can leave the front and back of the hoodie in one color to make it look very simple, and direct all your creativity towards the hood.

The idea has a lot. You can paint it in a different color than the one you used for the main part. Then, you can paint one half in one color and the other in another color. Print miniature funny pictures or cartoons or round off the edge with some inspirational inscription. You can do whatever you want!

We hope you are satisfied with the result. Don’t forget to design a few more pieces and always be unique.

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