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Don Swayze Net Worth 2024

Don Swayze is the younger brother of late actor Patrick Swayze. Patrick died in 2009 after long battle with pancreatic cancer. His brother Don who is also an a actor put his career and life aside to nurse his brother following his diagnosis. Following the death of Patrick it seems a little difficult for Don to get back to his own life and his relationships struggled as a result. His dark features and villainous screen roles also made it a challenge for women to get beyond the mystique and know the real Donald.

Born in Houston Texas Donald is a true Southern gentleman. His humble and country roots never left him despite being in Hollywood for 3 decades. Following his brother’s footsteps Don Swayze moved to Hollywood in the 80’s to pursue a career in acting. Swayze’s first role was in the cult classic Murder She Wrote. He had several guest appearances through the show’s long running span. In the 90’s he’s appeared on over 25 shows including The X Files, NYPD Blue, Days of Our Lives, NCISD. He’s had a steady role on daytime drama’s Days of Our Lives and The Young and The Restless. The extensive acting career may have paid off financially but it’s done nothing to help him with the chicks.

In a meeting with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Don admits women are influenced by his dark roles on camera and fail to recognize the real man. He was married to actress Marcia Rose Goebel. They met in Los Angeles in the 90’s. They divorced and since then he’s been a Bachelor struggle to find romance.

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