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Dutchess Lattimore Net Worth 2024

Yes, you heard it here first the beautiful tattoo artist Dutchess Lattimore gets her own series. Following the opening of her own shop in North Carolina “Pretty In Pink” VH1 has been in talks with Dutchess about doing a spin off. The only issues were her schedule with her returning to New York to visit Ceaser and help with his business and other media endeavors. But according to sources producers of Black Ink Crew have finally worked out a timetable for filming the spin off and a handsome salary.

When Black Ink started Dutchess’ only form of income was her tattooing. She was earning up to $900 for certain pieces and her name was starting to grow clout in the streets. After the show has been on air Dutchess has been booked and currently has a waiting list of up to 3 weeks for clients. Because of her role on Black Ink she was also earning $100,000 per season briging her net worth from $10,00 to $1 million in 4 years. Dutchess net worth is also based on income from club hosting, which most recently she earned $13,000 for appearing at a night club in Phoenix. And she is paid $10,000 for speaking fees at events.

Now Dutchess is truly branding herself with this new deal with VH1. She will no longer be on Black Ink following the nasty break up with Ceaser, who is now dating Karlie Redd. But VH1 is paying $200,000 for the new series plus giving her some production credit, which means even more for her wallets. The network is currently casting tattoo artist for the show which will begin filming in July. An official air date has not been released but sources say they are pushing for December with the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York.

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