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Ellona’s First X Factor Audition

Ellona Rano Santiago was only 14 years old when she made it the first season of X Factor. This is a throwback video on her first day of Boot camp where she was later put together with Intensity. She entered the competition after competing in Los Angeles and get 4 yeses from all judges. Paula Abdul was impressed with her strong vocal ability but chose to throw her in a group with 10 members. Her talent certainly got lost. But after that experience Ellona has grown and spent the past two years practicing her craft. She returned to the stage this past summer doing her own version of Wings.

The interview was done on her first day of boot camp. She has an extremely versatile voice which works in almost every genre. Ellona also can dance. Her dream was to win that $5 million grand prize. She promised if she did she would financially secure her family and buy them a big home in a gated community.

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