Do You Find Prices Better if You Buy Online in 2024

The Internet has made everyone’s lives so much more convenient. With just a press of a few buttons, you can purchase an item and have it delivered right in front of your door after only a few days and with certain businesses even after a few hours. That would probably have sounded impossible to the people from 15 years ago. But, the question right now is not about convenience. The question is whether you can find better pricing if you buy online.

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is still yes. But, to understand how and why, I need to explain all those different methods and techniques you can use to find better prices on the products you want to buy.

By learning and utilizing these techniques that I am going to mention in this article, you could save a lot of money in the future. Just make sure that you read through the entire article to get a good understanding of all these methods.

Keep in mind, it is not always guaranteed that you will find coupons and discounts for a certain product.

Buy the Right Products


The Internet is not a place where every single purchasable item is magically cheaper. It may be better than most brick-and-mortar shops, but it is not the ideal place for shopping. This is very important to understand because there are items that are usually cheaper and some that are frequently expensive in online stores.

Your job is to learn exactly which products you should be buying online in which ones you should avoid. First on the list is everything tech-related. Laptops, phones, TVs, accessories for your phones, chargers, computer parts, consoles, video games for both consoles and PCs, and everything else in between. These are some of the items that usually get great discounts. But, you can also buy books, clothes, luggage, pet toys, food and a lot of other stuff.

It is impossible to list everything that you should purchase because that is going to be a lot of stuff. Instead, it is better to learn what exactly you should avoid. One other thing that you should definitely not purchase online is cars, art, musical instruments, fresh fruits and vegetables, medicine and any kind of drugs, large kitchen appliances, illegal items, and a few more things. But, as you get more familiar with Internet stores, you will know exactly where the things that you should avoid purchasing.

Use coupon websites

Nowadays, if you search on Google for coupons, you are going to be met with hundreds or maybe even thousands of different and legitimate coupon websites such as These are the places where you can find discounts for any kind of item you want. Of course, the discount will not always be ideal for the item that you want to purchase, but even 5% is good enough. For example, if you open up one of these websites, you will probably see an offer of over several thousand vouchers and coupons every single month. In other words, the chances that you will not find a legitimate discount are quite low will stop

Keep in mind, you can use multiple websites that offer coupons. This increases your chances of finding the right discount. Sometimes you can even apply several discount codes on just one product. Effectively cutting down the original price considerably.

Use stores that usually offer discounts


The fact is that not every store is equal. Many times you will end up on websites that do not even allow you to input any kind of coupon. This does not necessarily make it a bad store, but it is probably better to find an alternative where you can save some money.

How to do that? Well, it is simple. First, you should use Google and start searching for those coupon websites that I mentioned above. Once you have a website open such as, you can see exactly which stores offer the best discounts and the most coupons. Once you obtain this information, you will know exactly which stores you should visit the next time you are searching for a certain item.

Use price-comparison applications

For those that prefer using mobile phones instead of computers, it is probably going to be more intuitive to use applications. Fortunately, there are tons of apps on both the Apple and Android store.

These applications are very easy to use. All you have to do is just input the item that you want to purchase and to or more different stores. The app will immediately provide you with a price comparison list. With this, you will immediately know where you will be able to save money without having to serve through the entire Internet.

Although, you should keep in mind that these apps do not usually take coupons into account. They just compare the original pricing.

Remove a product from the shopping cart


This is probably the oldest trick in the “Internet book”, but it still works almost everywhere. Once you have created an account, add the product that you want to buy to your shopping cart. After a few minutes, remove it. Why? Well, once you remove it, the algorithm on the website will try to convince you to buy this item. How? Well, it seems that you have given up on purchasing the item, so they send you a message or an email with a coupon code with a nice discount. Once you get the cold, you can just put back the item in the cart and click purchase.

The Internet is a complicated place, but once you understand it and learn how to maneuver through it, your whole experience with it will improve considerably. This is especially true if you start to implement all of these methods that I mentioned above. With these techniques, every item that you plan on purchasing in the future will always be cheaper than the original price. So, yes, you will find a better price if you start buying online.

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