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Geneva Thomas Net Worth 2024

Birthday: 30 years old
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
Education: New York University & Michigan State University
Occupation: Managing Director 1530 Agency
Nickname: Style Scholar

Bravo is getting paid off Black women’s lives. Their latest jackpot Blood, Sweat and Heels. The reality series centering around the personal, career and relationships of six women in New York City, debuted with banging ratings. The show’s premise is eerily similar to a plethora of shows already on cable tv. But it’s the cast that makes it a little fresh. These ladies are journalist or fashionistas building or establishing their brand in the city of tall buildings. Meet Geneva Thomas the youngest of the cast but has an extensive and interesting background.

She was born in Detroit but in her twenties she’s traveled and worked in Paris, South Africa and everywhere. She’s worked in high fashion as a stylist, and contributing editor for the top of the top Vogue Italia. It doesn’t get more snooty than that. Miss Geneva Thomas also contributes to the Huffingtonpost one of the most read online news sites. Thomas attends fashion shows around the world interviewing designers, models and celebrity attendees and gives her dish on what’s hot.

Geneva is well educated having attended the University of Edinburgh and holds degrees from respected institutions University of Michigan and New York University Her educational background is heavily based around English and Journalism. Thomas’ knowledge an analysis is behind some interesting pieces like her take on the death of Detroit’s economy and how it affects the Black community.

She currently lives in Harlem and gives back to her community. Thomas’ philanthropic ventures including education, youth development and a lot more stuff.

Most recently she stepped outside of fashion working closely with the White House in the Project Task Force.

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