How Much Should You Spend On Your Holiday Gifts in 2024

The holidays are a perfect occasion to surprise our loved ones with compelling gifts. Once the Christmas atmosphere starts floating in the air, we know that the time has come to open our bags and wallets and to get ready for high expenses that await us. On the other hand, nothing creates such a wonderful feeling as a smile on the faces of our loved ones when they receive presents from us. That’s why we aren’t sorry when we spend half of our monthly salary on holiday shopping.

Have you ever wondered how much is enough to spend for these purposes? What’s a universal amount that would be appropriate, but also acceptable for our budget at the same time? Unfortunately, there’s no mathematical equation to help you with this, but wouldn’t it be nice if it existed? Maybe it would be easier for us to act economically and survive until the next paycheck, without purchasing every single item on sale.

To plan your holiday budget better this year, you need to be aware of how much cash you should spend. Today we’re sharing a few ideas on how you can save and be original at the same time.

1. You shouldn’t spend more than you can afford


The biggest mistake we make is to always spend a lot more than we can afford taking into account the monthly budget. The fact is that many of us start saving money for these purposes a few months in advance. But once you realize that you need new boots because the old ones have worn out or that the electricity bill is a little higher this month, you’ll realize that you can’t let yourself spend a high amount on presents.

The holiday euphoria usually makes people ravage store shelves, but later realize that they’ll barely have enough money to survive until the next salary. Don’t do it! Your presents don’t have to be pricey to be good enough. There are wonderful little things at an affordable price that will delight your friends and family as much as (or even more than) high-priced items – you just need to know where to look for them.

2. The costs sometimes depend on the person that receives a present

The amount you’re willing to pay should depend on the person to whom you intended the present. Not everyone occupies the same place in your life. The fact is that some deserve more and some less and you need to set priorities accordingly. You might know someone for only a few months, while some people have been your friends for years and your family has been with you all your life. Of course, it would be nice if everyone could get a gift of equal value, but if that isn’t possible, it’s clear who’s privileged.

On the other hand, there are those from whom you always get expensive things and who simply deserve to be reciprocated in the same way. You usually feel bad for putting them in a low-budget group, so you probably want to give them an equally valuable gift.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend, with whom you have been in a relationship for several years has probably spent many holidays with you and received many presents, so you have to be innovative and not repeat yourself. In this case, you’ll probably spend more money than couples who have been in a relationship for only a few months.

3. Think about how much money others spend on you


As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should pay attention to the value of the items that other people give you. Not to get angry if it was bought in a low-budget boutique and show that you are a materialist, but simply to be able to respond adequately. We’re sure that such friends don’t expect you to follow the same pace, nor is that their basic motive for giving pricey things. But out of respect for that, you should put them on your priority list.

However, you shouldn’t feel pressured to give more cash than it’s acceptable for you. For some people, a high standard of living makes the holiday gift period easier, but if that isn’t your case, you aren’t obliged to follow that pattern. Otherwise, you may be in trouble until your next paycheck.

4. Consider DIY (do it yourself) ideas

Sometimes, even with a little bit of invested money and a pinch of creativity you can surpass everything that can be bought in stores. These presents have the greatest value, regardless of the amount of money you need for the realization. The value is reflected in the time and effort invested, which makes your present invaluable and explains how important it was for you to make your loved ones happy with your unique and creative ideas.

All you need is a little material that you can easily get in stores and a little bit of free time. Today, there are many people who have active profiles on social networks and YouTube channels through which they share videos with tutorials about this kind of handicraft, such as the ones on We are sure that you are yet to discover some breathtaking ideas that can delight you so much and also become a part of your loved one’s surprise.

5. Consider group presents


Another way to save on holiday shopping are group presents. Find something that connects a family or a specific circle of friends and give them a single gift. Although the practice has shown that group presents are most suitable for families, you can do it with any group you consider appropriate for this kind of gift.

There are literally countless ideas – it can be a nice picture frame in which you’ll put photos that show your fondest memories with them, a super handy home appliance they don’t have, or some other accessories that everyone can use together.

These guidelines should prepare you well for the upcoming holidays. With good budget planning, you can provide an original and wonderful gift for all your dear people, as after all, you will surely win bonus points for the given attention regardless of the price!

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