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How Did WWE Nicole Bass Die?

      • Birthday: August 10, 1964
      • Birthplace: Middle Village, New York City
      • Net Worth; $50,000



It’s so unfortunate that another WWE legend passes. Not even a full year after Joan ‘Chyna’ Laurie another female WWE legend passes, the death of Nicole Bass makes headlines. She died at 8:40 pm Friday at a New York City hospital at only 52 years old. The former wrestler spent the latter part of her life making appearances on the Howard Stern show. Coincidentally Bass is one of three Howard Stern “Wack Pack” members who have died in the past year. Joey Boots, best known for coining the nickname “Baba Booey” died last December. Another popular figure, George “Crackhead Bob” Harvey, also died in 2016. The radio host himself put out a tweet expressing his grief and sadness over her death. According to sources this death wasn’t as sudden as most people think. Bass had been sick for days.

A close friend to Nicole says she was rushed to hospital after falling ill. Her friend stayed by her side through during her hospital stay. Nicole had been put on life support but details of the reason why have not been disclosed.

Nicole had run into a few legal troubles recently. In 2015 she was arrested for shoplifting at a Stop n Shop in Queens. According to the police report she had stolen over $1,000 in makeup and $155 in groceries.

Although most people remember her with the WWE, the wrestler got national attention when she appeared on Howd Stern’s New Year’s Eve pageant in 1993. She was then contacted by Vince McMahon to make a small appearance at WWF XV as female wrestler Sable’s bodyguard. Nicole stayed with the company for years and developed a story line as Val Venis’ love interest.

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