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Joe Giudice Net Worth 2024

Joe Giudice was born Giuseppe Giudice in Paterson New Jersey where he met his wife Teresa in high school. The couple has been together ever since and they married in 2001. They had their first daughter Gia in 2001. His income was generated from real estate. He purchased foreclosed homes in New Jersey and renovated them selling them for almost double the foreclosure price. From there Joe took his earnings and put them into a pizza restaurant named Giuseppe’s Homestyle Pizzeria in Hillside. He also invested in several other business including a tanning salon. His net worth in 2009 was $8 million.


While working in real estate because of Joe and Teresa’s excessive living they ruined their credit. The houses, cars clothes and even groceries were all paid for using several credit cards. One of their credit cards from CitiBank sent them to court in 2007 and as a result a judgement for $30,000 was slapped on his credit report. Because of his poor credit Joe worked with a partner Joe Mastropole to sign up for mortgages to continue his house flipping business. That partnership went sour in 2007 when Giudice stopped paying the mortgage when he failed to sell the house which set on the market for 3 years and eventually went into foreclosure. The foreclosure went against Mastropole who sent Giudice to court for failing to pay the mortgage. Joe Mastropole has never seen a cent of the cash a judge ordered Giudice to pay after he forged Mastropole’s signature on a mortgage document. Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Giudice, the husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, still owes his former business partner $260,000 for his part in a 2007 mortgage scam.

The Associated Press reported that the Giudices were each released from a Newark, N.J. courtroom last week on $500,000 bond but will not be allowed to leave the New York or New Jersey area. In 2013 Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice have been charged in a conspiracy to defraud lenders and illegally obtain mortgages and other loans as well as allegedly hiding assets and income during a bankruptcy case. The couple allegedly lied about their income to get $4.6 million in loans from 2005-2008. As a result the couple were charged with a 39 count indictment which could land them in jail for a long long time.

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