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Kristef Brothers Net Worth 2024

America’s Got Talent hotties Kristef Brothers have made it into the Semi Finals. The brothers showed up to the day 2 of the New York Auditions with no shoes on looking like Hobbits. Hand balancers from Las Vegas Nevada are a duo of hot siblings who not only impressed the judges with their talents but wowed female audience members with their tight physiques. The art form has always been slow and emotional but the brothers have a different vision. They want to modernize the movements and bring some life and excitement into it. The guys came on stage with only a speedo. Their 24 and 26 years old. Their real names are Kristopher and Stefan but they put the names together to form Kristef.

They’ve been doing their thing since they were 5 years old doing hand stands in the house. They’ve been doing it for so long and have become true professionals but along the way they have had their share of accidents. Kristopher has broken his foot, hand and collar bone practicing stunts with his brother. Their parents were also hand balancers in the circus. Kristopher had his son just days before the two auditioned. Kristopher’s son is four months old and he is hoping to provide a better future for him. He has a great relationship with his father who has trained him in hand balancing and he hopes that he and his son can have a strong relationship as well.

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