What to do if You Lost Your Car Keys or Damaged The Lock in 2024

It’s pretty safe to assume that we have all experienced it – that scary and stressful feeling of reaching into your purse or pockets and realizing that you’re missing an item that is quite valuable, whether it’s your smartphone, money, or the keys to your home and car. Our first reaction is to panic, however, you shouldn’t, especially since there are solutions to your problem.

If you got yourself in a situation where you misplaced your car key or if you damaged the lock and cannot get in your auto, try this site there are a few things that you’ll be required to do. Fortunately, the article below will highlight what you’ll want to do, so, without further ado, let’s take a look:

1. First Things First, Find a Reliable Automobile Locksmith


Before you do anything else from this list, it’s crucial for you to find a trustworthy and reliable locksmith. This isn’t only the most affordable answer to your problem, but, it’s also one that’ll supply you with a new key. So, whether if you barred yourself out of the wheels, if you left the keys inside of it, or if you must to get something from the inside, a locksmith could assist you.

Keep in mind, there are various services that such companies offer, which is why you should read more info at a professional locksmith company from Tucson, Arizona that provides a wide range of services that you could opt for.

Besides being the most affordable alternative, it’s actually the fastest as well, especially since most of the experts in the field will be capable of giving you a replacement key. And, since they take key programming tools with them, they can solve any issues during their first visit, even if you use a fob to open your doors.

2. Prepare All The Documents And Papers

Once you call the company that will work on your car, you should start gathering all the necessary documents and papers they’ll require from you. This covers information such as the make and model, the registration plate, the VIN, your license, or any document that shows your name, photo, and address, and the postcode of your state.

Why do you require all of these papers? Well, you’ll be required to prove that the automobile is actually yours. If you aren’t capable of doing so this, an expert might and probably will refuse to work on your wheels. Hence, ensure that you have everything that you need to get your doors opened as soon as possible.

3. Learn The Key Type, it Matters


There are basically 2 categories of automobile keys – ones that aren’t remote and ones that are. To learn what you have to do, you must understand the differences between the most common types, and if your remote, you probably have one of the 3 types mentioned below:

1. A Fob With a Key – which opens the doors, shuts off the alert, and then the key is utilized to ignite the engine,
2. Access Fob With a Key – which opens the access points, shuts off the alert and immobilizer, and then the key is utilized to ignite the engine,
3. A System Fob Without a Key – which has a programmed key located in the fob that’ll allow you to open the doors in emergency situations.

But, if you don’t own any of these three varieties, you probably have one that isn’t a remote option. Keys in this category will have no remote focal locking systems, nor will they have remote control purposes on the item. If it gets destroyed, you won’t be capable of starting the wheels, hence, you’ll have to get a replacement disk.

4. The Cost Will Vary

You should also consider the budget that you have and keep in mind, the price can be influenced by a lot of factors. In most situations, to substitute a key or to repair a broken lock can cost anywhere from 35 dollars to 300 dollars. The factors that can influence the price are the model of the auto, as well as the key type you misplaced – which is why you had to learn what type you own.

This is why you might want to obtain at least three quotes from different companies. If possible, it might be best for you to choose a local company since it might be cheaper, however, if this isn’t an option for you, you might need to pay a little bit extra for gaining access to your automobile.

5. It Isn’t Time-Consuming


Like how much you’ll pay, the time needed will be influenced by 3 things – the variety of keys, the model of the auto, and whether or not the professional has additional keys in stock, or if they have to commission a new one. However, they’re quite fast, mostly because they take various blanks with them, hence, they’ll probably be capable of supplying you with a new one in several hours.

6. Check With Your Insurance Company

In some circumstances, the insurance company might provide key cover as your automobile policy, however, most of them only provide people with this option if they upgrade to a new plan or pay extra. This is why you should check all the details in your plan, and don’t forget to examine the ‘no claims’.

7. An Option For All Transportation Options


Besides specializing in misplaced or destroyed keys, there are also some other transportation options that a skilled and experienced locksmith could assist you with including motorbikes, bikes, mopeds, wagons, caravans, and campers. Hence, no matter what vehicle you’re having problems with, they’ll be capable of helping you.


If you found yourself in a situation that you cannot gain access to your wheels – no matter if you damaged the lock or lost the key – you should ensure that you call an experienced automobile locksmith. By doing so, you’ll quickly gain access to your vehicle, and you’ll also be able to get a spare key during the same day.

So, now that you’re aware of all the things you should do after you bolted yourself out of your car, you might not want to waste any more of your time. Instead, you should open up a new search tab, and then start with the first step we mentioned which is finding a reliable locksmith near you.

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