5 Tips and Trick For Surviving Your First Year at University – 2024 Guide

Although every start is exciting, it has a lot of difficulties, especially when it comes to going to college. It can be a little harder for students at the very beginning because everything is new to them as well as the whole environment in which they find themselves. So it would be good to start the first year right away in the best possible way.

It may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to build your personality enough during the first year because that will surely happen at this time. In order not to be a bad thing, it is best to have a good plan on how to go through the first year of college.

You will only succeed if you are aware of what is happening around you and how to approach it in the best possible way. However, most people have trouble coping with new situations, especially if they are young. If you have no idea what it will look like, you can find out some useful tips below.

1. Don’t be afraid to be alone


In the previous part of the text, we mentioned to you how common it is that students are lonely in the first year of college. This is because they have stepped out of the safe zone, are further away from their friends, etc. This applies to all students who no longer have friends in their environment. However, it is a matter of time.

You need to know that you can’t make acquaintances overnight, especially friends. So be prepared for a period of solitude. This is not a bad thing and it is a completely natural thing. It will take someone more / less time to meet new people, but everyone goes through it. On the other hand, new acquaintances will not fall from the sky. You need to go to events and speak with other people around you in classes.

There is no need to be ashamed of coming alone and not having a company, it is an ideal opportunity to gain it. That way, you will be much more involved in the city in which you live and take your social life to the next level. Of course, if you build independence you will have much more confidence to continue in the right direction.

2. Work experience is a good thing


Our advice is to start the first year with a lot of work – later you will be grateful to yourself for this. This means that you should find a suitable job and thus start your work adventure at the very beginning. This will be a great practice for later even though your work only lasts a few hours during the week.

Of course, this will not be just another significant experience but a very good recommendation for your future job. Keep in mind that every internship is important and should be recorded, so you will eventually get a diploma and several years of work experience. Employers will know how to appreciate that in the future.

When we mention employers, most of them actually adore helping students with degrees. Either way, in the end, you will be less worried about your future because you are working hard on it.

3. Have responsibility


We want to tell you the following … It is very important that you have a responsibility when you start the year in college. This will guide you further so that you follow the schedule properly and fulfill your obligations. The most important thing of all this is to respect the deadlines. They are very important and if you don’t stick to it you can easily get into trouble.

Don’t be guided by the fact that all tutors are the same. The fact that you can miss a few deadlines in some even in another place can cost you dearly. Sometimes it’s a loss and a loss all year round. So be careful with this.
When you are a student for the first time, it is very easy to go in the wrong direction or wander off for a while, and then you miss many things. However, you will only make good progress if you organize your commitments, meet deadlines and plan your time.

4. You need enough sleep


Everyone knows how much sleep during the night is an important factor for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Our body simply cannot work well enough if there is no energy for it, and most of all our brain. In addition, you need to develop this healthy habit of going to bed on time. That way you will be able to get up on time and have a good sleep pattern.

If you behave like this, it will not be a problem for you not to fall asleep at the lectures you have early in the morning. Of course, it sometimes happens to everyone that we just can’t get up and press the alarm snooze button. However, don’t let this happen to you again but follow your pattern. After a while, your body will get used to it and you will wake up at the same time.

5. Pay attention to grades


As we have already said, it is important to start working hard in the first year. In the previous part, we drew your attention to the importance of work experience, meeting deadlines, etc. So you also pay attention not to miss a single point to get which you can. For example, if you see that you can’t get an essay done, you can always contact someone who will do it for you. Find out more about custom essay writing service at

Don’t settle for a small percentage, because the second year will overwhelm you with obligations that will be difficult to cope with. Then you will be sorry that you did not work enough on your grades during the first year.
You will also feel better due to positive reinforcement such as good grades. Self-satisfaction is priceless, and it is not difficult to achieve this effect with regular effort. This way you will be immediately introduced to some of the pitfalls of learning and studying as well as the requirements and be more prepared in the second year. You will practice better in planning and adhering to a schedule, but you will also enjoy a number of other benefits.


We hope you find our tips helpful. Remember that the most important thing is to feel good and make the most of the first year. You will only achieve this if you are diligent, consistent and able to follow your priorities. Keep in mind that with a great start, you increase your chances of better success in the coming years of college.

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