12 Signs That It’s Time for Assisted Living

Deciding to move from your home can be a tough call. The elderly struggle to accept that they cannot do everything they used to when they were young. Although it is sometimes difficult to accept, assisted living is a great way to care for the elderly. Homes for the elderly offer care for people who cannot keep up with daily activities. If you are not sure if you need assisted living, be on the lookout for these 12 signs that it’s time:

1. Social isolation


Life throws us in different directions, and there are many responsibilities like taking medications and honoring doctors’ appointments. For senior citizens with untreated hearing loss, not being able to hear others can lead to social isolation and depression. Blue Angels Hearing is one of the top companies that offer hearing aids for seniors to help you hear better and have more peace of mind.

We also lose friends to death. If you are lonely and seeking company, assisted living may be the best option for you. There are beautiful households for seniors like, where you can get all the care you need. Here are ways how assisted living prevents social isolation:

  • Constant nurse visits
  • Interaction with other elderly people
  • Constant visits from members of the community

2. Frequent accidents

Frequent accidents such as falls are a cause for alarm, and can be fatal if you live alone. The inability to get help or even reach the phone can put you in a desperate situation. However, nurses and caregivers are there when you need help. If living alone, consider assisted living as falls can cause health complications and even death.

3. Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is a common problem for senior citizens. There are so many things that you have to remember every day, such as taking your medication and honoring your doctor’s appointments. Forgetting medication can negatively affect your health. Forgetfulness can also put you in danger of accidents. For example, when you put something on the stove and forget, it can lead to a fire.

4. Reduced driving competencies


Driving may not feel as easy as it used to when you were younger. If you have trouble keeping your eyes on the road or even parking, it might be time to give up your driving license. Warning signs include increased tickets, dents on your car, and dents on your driveway. Do not wait to cause an accident.

5. Poor eating habits

If you or a relative has poor eating habits, they may need assisted living. Poor feeding habits can adversely affect your health and wellness, especially in old age. You need a balanced diet to stay strong and healthy. Inability to perform chores like cooking also can affect your eating habits, especially when you live alone. The vulnerable also have a hard time remembering to eat and may end up skipping meals. Telltale signs for poor eating habits are weight gain or loss. Senior living facilities offer healthy meals, and their meal preparation caters to the dietary needs of every elderly person in that facility.

6. Poor sanitary conditions

Living in poor sanitary conditions is another sign that it’s time for assisted living. Other signs include body odor, unkempt hair, and wearing the same clothes over some time. Don’t overlook the difficulties of getting into the tub for a bath when one has movement problems. While under care, you or your loved one can receive all the help they need to change clothes, bathe, and groom.

7. Mood changes and aggressive behavior


When an elderly person starts experiencing mood changes and aggressive behavior, it’s time to consider assisted living. Aggressive behavior and mood changes are signs of dementia. If left untreated, a person may harm others or themselves. Assisted living can help ease the problem whereby the patient receives proper care based on their condition. A memory care unit and skilled nurses from are ready to help senior citizens in assisted living.

8. Poor mobility issues

Once you realize that walking is an issue, an assisted living home can be a good option for you. The inability to move from one point to the next can make life difficult for the aged. Poor mobility and loss of balance is the main cause of accidents for the aged.

9. Getting lost

Wandering out of your home only for a neighbor to walk you back hours later is yet another sign. Due to forgetfulness, seniors get lost. If you spend time with them and you happen to notice that they wander around, it is time to take them into assisted living. Getting lost can be dangerous as one may get into serious problems and accidents such as being bitten by a dog.

10. Chronic illness


With age comes related chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and arthritis. It is vital to get adequate care for your relatives who are chronically ill. Worsening conditions make it hard for them to perform their daily activities. Getting care can ease the problem and allow them to rest and lead a quality life. Proper care also means taking medication as required. All these factors improve health significantly and prolong their lives.

11. Inability to take care of bills

Paying bills can be a tedious process. Due to memory loss, most elderly forget to take care of their bills, which end up accumulating. An even worse situation is when an elderly individual has their power cut and hefty penalties for delays or failure to pay bills.

12. The caregiver is tired

Taking care of the elderly is never easy. There are several tasks to perform, and you may experience severe burnout. Since most caregivers are immediate relatives, they may tend to feel like they are overworking. If you feel like you are not giving your elderly the best care, consider getting them into assisted living. There they can get the well-rounded care they deserve.


The elderly deserve the best care and love. If you cannot manage caring for them, find a home for them. They can get all the help they require to continue leading quality lives. Prioritize keeping them in a place where they can interact with other seniors and make friends. Do not forget to visit and spend time with them when you can.

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